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Redefining Every Woman’s

Introducing SuperShe: A women’s only social networking app

In our present-day culture, there are fewer networks for women. But nothing quite beats the energy, inspiration, and connection that sparks when women come together. The world has realized the power of sisterhood and female solidarity and today women are turning to each other for support, more than ever.

Creating a community exclusively for women, where they can be their best selves and build each other seems like a necessity.

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SuperShe addresses this exact need. SuperShe is a social networking app that fulfills the hopes of millions of women by providing them an exclusive platform to connect, learn, mingle and share.

How the Concept was born

Kristina Roth, the genius behind SuperShe is the founder of Matisia Consultants which ranks at Number 8th on the Forbes list of fastest-growing women-owned businesses.

Years later, she sold the company to seek out something even more fulfilling and that’s when the idea of building a community to unite, motivate and inspire women dawned on her.

At first, the idea materialized into a blog and a community called SuperShe. After hosting a series of retreats, in Hawaii and Turks and Caicos, Roth brought her own slice of paradise, a SuperShe island located off the coast of the Baltic Sea.

SuperShe App Live Feature SuperShe Mobile App Design

Why SuperShe?

Kristina Roth’s vision and mission of creating a circle for women is empowering.
Regardless of how you identify- she/her or they/them, SuperShe is the platform for you. It celebrates women and helps women from all backgrounds connect with millions of other SuperShes from around the globe.

The all-female retreat on the SuperShe island brought together women from across 122 countries. Roth did not want their time together to stop. She envisioned a technology that could bring millions of women together and be a part of the collective experience. This was the idea behind the application. Since December 2019, the island is only open to active members of the SuperShe application.

What we Solved Here

SuperShe app aims to provide women a safe space to be exactly what they want to be.
The inspiration for this women created app for women was to take the experience of SuperShe beyond the island. We helped Roth build a live-streaming edutainment platform and a SuperShe virtual community unlike any other.

The app has exclusive video content created by SuperShe experts, entertaining articles, and discussion boards which provides badass inspiration to all women and non-binary people.

Besides networking with SuperShes from across the globe, it is only via the app that you can avail an all-expenses-paid trip to Roth’s one-of-a-kind island.

SuperShe App Screen

The Key Challenges

Seamless Real-time Engagement

The app provides users with unlimited access to daily video content- both live and prerecorded. Live- streaming Classes are really popular on the SuperShe app. Users can watch videos that are delivered in a real-time mode- recorded and broadcasted simultaneously.

One of the key challenges was to offer seamless real-time engagement and let users interact deeply. We made sure there was no delay if too many concurrent users explored the same functionality. Thousands of people can live stream and reach millions of people online and we reduced the streaming delay span from the standard 30 seconds on most applications to 7-10 seconds.

Backend Driven App

SuperShe is a backend driven app. We used elastic search to provide the best searching experience in the app.

We leveraged the best technology to make sure that backend handles user questions in a responsive manner. We used AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) for sending bulk push syncing data between Mongo Db and elastic and used Redis data cache for quick response of frequently used data.

Offline Mode

We wanted to make sure that users enjoy the mobile experience even when the connection is low, slow, flickering or not working. The app can fetch feeds in offline mode witn DataCache.

Visual Design

We created user stories and flow maps to depict the journey of a user right after onboarding. Empathy mapping helped us visualize user needs and gain deeper insights into what excites them to take action. From branding, illustrations, tone of the content to the UI, the visual vibe of the application was designed keeping badass women in mind.

We solidified the Information Architecture map, which meant organizing the content to ease out the navigation process and providing users everything without any big effort.

We put together several mood boards to define the app’s visual style. We narrowed down on Super Red and Black since it associates well with the brand.

SuperShe Mobile App - Reward Screen

Become your best self with SuperShe virtual community

The app provides practical resources, badass inspiration, and gives you the chance to make authentic connections with women and non-binary people.

SuperShe App Features

Be whoever you want to Be

Feeling SuperYaaaas, SuperBoss, SuperWarrior or SuperArtsy?
SuperShe lets you choose a series of superpowers that best define you and explore rich interest-specific content.

SuperShe Virtual Community

Chat, Audio call, and video call with up to 6 SuperShes at once

Finding like-minded inspirational women is just a tap away. Connect with millions of women across the world and chat and video call with up to 6 Supershes at once.

SuperShe App Video Content

Watch Live Video Classes or Create your Own Superclass

Explore fresh video content curated by SuperShe experts on an array of interesting topics or tell your story to the world. Users have the chance to learn from how-to sessions on the app. There are around 2,000 hours of exciting SuperShe content.

SuperShe App Open Discussion Feature

Be Unapologetically You

SuperShe brings the social back into social media. Have open discussions and discover unapologetically real advice fromSuperShe experts. And if there is something on your mind, say it to the world Sister!

SuperShe App Community Feature

Share the awesomeness with your fellow SuperShes

Get badass women onboard and win an exciting trip to the Super She island, located off the coast of the Baltic Sea.


To build a robust application with a smooth-running interface, we built POC for high-risk features such as Live and Group Video Calling. Proof of Concept helped us frame the development process. We broke down the product development into pilot projects to test the technical viability of the idea.

We provided support from the very start for all the features and performed load testing to ensure that the app was functional and good to go even when millions of users onboard it. We made Load Testing a significant part of the app development and optimization process. The app was load tested to handle a concurrency of 50000 requests per second and 200 K active users. It assured a high-performing application with maximum user satisfaction.

We successfully launched the app on 15th November at Revolve Awards where Kehlani was awarded the Revolve SuperShe award of the year.

Tech Stack


  • Node js Version 10.15.1
  • Mongo Db Version 4.0
  • Redis Version 5
  • Elastic Version 7.1


  • Java 8


  • Swift Version 4.2
  • Architecture MVVM


  • Angular 7
  • Angular Material

SuperShe Award

Grammy-nominated artist Kehlani received the first-ever SuperShe award at this year’s Revolve Awards. The zero BS social community has unveiled a new brand of realness. Kehlani is an impactful thought-leader and Roth feels she fully represents the essence of the SuperShe community.

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