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Redefining BMI With NASA’s Patented Formula & AI Capabilities

HealthReel application blends in the power of Artificial Intelligence and the patented formula by NASA, called ‘Calculated BMI’ to bring users three key elements that Measure Health: Metabolic activity information, Body composition, and Health risk. The app is designed to tell users what matters - how is their health.


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    A virtual AI health assessment platform powered by NASA

    NASA, after months of hypothesis testing and experiments, has revealed that the formula we have been using to calculate BMI is inherently wrong. The groundbreaking hypothesis was going to transform the fitness industry as we know it. And Femi Ayanbadejo - the renowned footballer & brains behind the project, seeked our assistance in taking charge of making NASA’s new formula mainstream.

    The project had everything that we love about a digital solution. It demanded heavy innovation inclination and called for a LOT of research and A/B testing. Above anything else, it was a one of a kind product.

    A virtual AI health assessment platform powered by NASA

    What Made our Partnership with HealthReel Unique

    Driven by NASA’s hypothesis, Femi established that while the hundreds of health tracking apps did an amazing monitoring job, they failed to tell the users how their health was.

    The idea of converting this new formula into an application that would help people calculate their BMI in a way that matters, was the first pillar of uniqueness. The second pillar was the first of its time development approach that we followed to convert the gathered data into real-time, actionable insights.

    The Defining Elements That Marked the Beginning of Health Assessment Revolution

    The components that set the base of our proprietary blend of algorithms. Algorithms which warrant personalized health reports.

    A 10 seconds video reel
    A 10 seconds video reel

    To begin the assessment, users are made to capture and upload a 10 seconds video reel to the cloud.

    Assessment reports

    The system, through the power of AI and Machine Learning, fetches reports highlighting the users’ health information. The reports are classified into three parts: body composition, metabolic data, health risk information and recommendations.

    Assessment reports

    Users, on the basis of their reports, can ask for AI generated goals and reminders notifications. They can even change the goals depending on how fast or how late they are thinking to achieve their plans.

    Appinventiv as a Companion of HealthReel’s Transformative Journey

    As HealthReel’s digital partner, we knew from day one that the product needed a non-traditional development approach and mindset. Our collaboration which started back in 2019 was more than that of an agency-client one. We were an intricate part of the app discovery validation and their launch strategy.

    Fast-forward to today, we have successfully launched a beta program and have generated accurate health reports for more than 100 users. Our team of 30+ onboarded engineers and design architects have taken HealthReel to a position where it is prepared to transform how health is assessed.

    HealthReel Team Discussion

    Designing a System That Nullifies the Age-Old Formula of BMI

    The design intent was based on the delivery of a combination of two emotions - empowerment and convenience. Empowering HealthReel users to reboot what they believed to be true about BMI through a easy-flowing, convenient user experience

    We started with working on the HealthReel product design system from scratch. Our team of design architects prepared a library made of visual assets, user journey map and UI elements for facilitating our engineers in the development of a truly one-of-a-kind solution.

    The end goal for our designers was to not overwhelm the users with statistics and graphs. Instead of using graphical tabular presentations, we followed a colored number approach, assigned on the basis of severity.

    Designing a System That Nullifies the Age-Old Formula of BMI

    Experimentation & Innovation: The Center of Appinventiv’s Digital Offering

    The Same Two Factors Helped with Transitioning of Collected Data into AI Generated Reports

    Behind every great experiment lies a hypothesis. One that is gathered through in-depth research and subject matter understanding. At Appinventiv, our hypothesis begins from the first client interaction and ends with the scope of work. The experiment then continues till the third-last milestone delivery.

    The basis of our development process was the product understanding that we received from Femi Ayanbadejo - the renowned footballer and brain behind HealthReel. Our team of business analysts took the understanding of how NASA’s patented formula works and ran experiments within the team to get the essence of how disruptive the solution was going to be.

    The center point of our development process was the creation of app versions for smartphones and tablets. On an intricate level, our engineers worked on the integration of Machine Learning - to analyze the data in the cloud and Artificial Data - to convert the data into predictive reports carrying more than 15 data points about the users’ health information.

    We developed algorithms that would project age and gender appropriate body fat percentage, daily calorie intake range, body weight, and a time projection to reach the target in under 5 minutes.

    Our tech stack choice is what makes our digital solutions stick

    HealthReel is one of the most disruptive health assessment solutions that the world is going to see in a few months. To ensure that it works exactly as expected and keeps up with the quality standards that NASA is known for, we made use of some of the most reliable technologies of our time.

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    From Concept to Beta Product in 8 Months - Acing the Milestone Plan Through Agile

    In the time span of 8 months, we developed a product that has rightly captured the health data and generated health reports for more than 100 users. After several trial and errors, the algorithm is now able to deliver reports in under 3 minutes.

    What helped us maintain the feat was the Agile approach. By dividing the project into milestones we were able to ensure that the entire team was working simultaneously on a fail-fast approach. The undeniable collaboration and streamlining benefits that follows the Agile approach is why we, irrespective of the size of the project, swear upon the mode.

    The app, known as HealthReel, uses the NASA algorithm and a personal smartphone camera to collect data and generate information on an individual’s body fat percentage, ideal caloric intake, and approximate risk for health conditions, among other stats.
    NASA Spinoff Company Launches Beta Test of Wellness App Strategic Partnerships Office
    NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
    Side note: NASA is proud of our product.
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