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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You about Making Viral And Addictive Apps
Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| April 30, 2018 |6 min read
Addictive apps

Can you live a month without using Instagram, YouTube, Pokemon Go, Candy Crush, and Amazon? Undoubtedly, your answer would be NO. We have become so addicted to these apps that we could hardly spend an hour without checking these applications. Ever wondered why? What makes these mobile apps so addictive and viral? Why we spend […]

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From M to O – A Comparison Between Android’s Three Most Prevalent Operating Systems
Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| March 16, 2018 |6 min read

Every year, Android keeps coming up with a new version, which is a much upgraded version of its previous self. The transformations, which are sometimes as drastic as a new look and feel of the device or at times are just a bundle of security patches. But, however big or small they are, Google continues […]

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Is Your Business Moving Towards Happiness?
Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| December 13, 2015 |6 min read

Smartphones have changed our lives to larger extent. We look for any information or service, its available to us by just tapping our smartphones. The most integral part of smartphones is mobile applications. Today, we have mobile apps for everything we can think of. Multiple businesses have realized the potential of mobile applications and inculcating […]

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