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Selection of a Mobile App Developer for Your App Project

By Shivam Srivastav
October 27, 2016 5 min read
Last update on: October 26, 2017

The proliferation of smartphones has fueled the growth of the mobile app development market. The mobile applications are common for each and every growth-oriented business. The projected size of the app economy by 2020 is $ 101 billion. There are many parameters for choosing  the right mobile developer for your project, but one must be extremely cautious and avoid the mistakes committed, while recruiting the developer. The criteria for selecting a mobile app developer are:

  • Experience in Developing Mobile Apps
  • Cross Platform Development
  • Communication Skills
  • App Store Submissions
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Monetization of Mobile Apps
  • Client References  
  • Hiring Cheap
  • Through Understanding of UI/UX
  • Testing Methods

Experience in Developing Mobile Apps

Before proceeding with the selection of the app developer, one must check their past experience on developing the apps. Technical expertise is a critical factor here. The apps are generally available in the app/play stores and a relevant link to the apps already developed is a good way for selecting the right developer. Next, a thorough examination of the UI/UX design of the app will provide an insight into the actual experience of the app developer.

Cross Platform Development

The ideal choice lies in the selection of a app developer, who has experience in

cross-platform development. The ideal situation is to develop once, but the app must work  across all the platforms. Otherwise you can build a team comprising of developers with working experience across different platforms.

Communication Skills

The mobile app developer must be well conversant with the communication process that will be resorted by the person and the frequency of updates on the development process. There must be an absolute transparency in the process of communicating with the client with constant updates.

App Store Submissions

A clear picture must be conveyed by the mobile app developer regarding the submission of the app to the app store, so that there is no confusion regarding compliance to the app store submission. Android takes a liberal approach towards guidelines, requiring registration and fees. It is only the subscribed developers who are able to submit an app in the iTune app store of Apple.  

Support and Maintenance

Another area of importance, while choosing the app developer is the post-deployment support for the app. Periodic information on the support and maintenance activities provided by them.

Monetization of Mobile Apps

Generally the mobile apps developed must be free or pay per download. The mobile app developer must be clear on the revenue generation from the app.

Client References

While working in the app development project, the mobile app developer interacts with the clients. A feedback from the clients will be an extremely useful for an appropriate selection. Proficiency is wanted in the area of integration with mobile display ads, related to paid subscription services and in-app purchases.

Hiring Cheap

The under priced developers will most probably not able to deliver. The number of hours devoted by the mobile app developer is also an equally important piece of information, required for making the right selection.

Thorough Understanding UI/UX

It is good to hire a developer with thorough understanding of the mobile road map and the mobile ecosystem. Ability to develop the Functional Requirement Specification is a  factor, even before the developer comes into picture. Other skills required from the mobile app developers are : User Experience (UI), User Interface (UI), hosting and deployment of the app and understanding of app analytics.

Testing Methods

There are many types of testing methods for your mobile apps, starting from stress to AB-testing. The mobile app developer must have knowledge of the testing methods that are used and how do they contribute towards the improvement of the mobile app.

The hiring of the app developer often leads to expensive mistakes, which takes the app development project, off the track, incurring losses for your business. You can always make an appropriate choice of a mobile app developer, while treading cautiously, without committing any mistakes.

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