PUBG Mobile Season 4: Release Date & all The New Features
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PUBG Mobile Season 4: Release Date & all The New Features

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Monday, November 19, 2018 14:02 PM |6 min read
PUBG Mobile Season 4 release date news and updates

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is loved by all the gamers especially the mobile version of it. The game has gone viral and keeps getting better and better with each update – another reason why gamers love it so much.

With every new update, PUBG brings exciting features and cool weapons that always keeps the gamers super excited.

In a recent reveal, it was seen that PUBG mobile crossed 100M downloads in just a time span of 4 months. And this number does not even include China, Korea and Japan. The popularity of the game is undoubtedly high.

To increase its popularity further, PUBG has announced PUBG Mobile Season 4, promising new features.

The season 3 ended yesterday and that made players eager to know about the upcoming PUBG season 4. The eagerness which is now answered.

The official PUBG mobile announced the new season on Twitter last night and ever since the PUBG fans are going crazy over the soon to be released season.

PUBG MOBILE Season 4 announcement on Twitter

PUBG Mobile Season 4 Release Date

The official PUBG Mobile Season 4 release date for players will be 21st November all over the world and the game will be pushed on the 20th of November.

With every update in the last one year, PUBG has shown an equally staggering number of downloads. When the Sanhok map was released in the PUBG mobile 0.8.0 update the number of downloads increased to 600K.

PUBG Mobile Season 4 Features

Now coming to the most exciting part, the only section that the true PUBG fanatics care about – what feature will the PUBG Mobile Season 4 update be launched with.

Here you go.

Hardcore Mode in Erangel

PUBG mobile hardcore mode erangle

In this game mode, the players won’t be shown the footprints of the enemy or the bullet firing location.

The hardcore mode will not help any player in finding the enemies in any way. They will have to use a good headphone and their experience to find the enemies themselves.

New Weapons, Scooters and Rain Breeze

New weapons, scooters and rain breeze

The new mobile update will bring the scooters that the Sanhok map had in the PC version of the game. The players loved the colourful scooters which is why the mobile version will also have it in season 4.

Another new update is the automatic assault rifle M762. Players can loot this gun just like other guns.

The New Season 4 Royal Pass

PUBG mobile season 4 royale pass

The game allows players to get extra benefits if they buy the royal passes. In this season, 2 new royal passes will be added in the same pricing just like the last season. These passes will have up to 100 RP levels and weekly challenges. For those who won’t buy these passes, there will still be some good rewards.

New Characters, Skins, and Outfits

New characters, skins, and outfits in pubg mobile season 4

In the last PUBG 0.9.0 update, the players got the feature of talking to other players in the game and this time the game will have new skins and characters. The new season will have characters from Suicide Squad like Harley Quinn and Joker which players can impersonate in the game.  For the royal pass owners, there will two new characters, one male and one female, with some new hairstyles.

A New Snow Map

A new snow map in pubg season 4

Since the update is coming in November, there is going to be a snow covered island in the gameplay. There is not much information on the snow map but there are some sources that say that it’s true. Though the snow map will not be released immediately, it will be released somewhere in the middle of the season just like the Sanhok map.

The Ranking System

The ranking system will not change for the new season but once you update your mobile game, you will be reset 2 tier below. For instance, if you were in the ACE tier then you will come down to the platinum tier once the new season launches.

How to update PUBG mobile season 4?

Updating the PUBG mobile game is not as difficult as it may be presumed. Both Android and iOS have the gaming app and the updating process is different for each. Players can also play PUBG on Fluxr that is launched by Live.Me. But if you play on your mobile, follow the following steps and get the new update when it launches:


  • Go to the App Store (iOS) icon on your mobile.
  • Select the updates section and click on update all option.
  • Enter your password and click on ‘Yes’ for any push notifications from the game.


  • Go to the Play Store icon and click on the Menu bar on the left side.
  • Go to My apps and games and see the apps showing ‘Update’ option.
  • Either select ‘Update all’ or specific ‘Update’ option to update the app.

This is all you need to do to update the PUBG season 4 when it launches. Players can also download the PUBG Lite for mobile but do read the instructions that follow.

This was our take on the new announcement by PUBG mobile. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

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