Apple’s Event on October 30, 2018: What to Expect this time?

Apple’s Event on October 30, 2018: What to Expect this time?

By Bhupinder Kour
October 26, 2018 5 min read
Last update on: October 26, 2018

On 30th of October, the next Apple event 2018 will be held in New York. The public is quite curious about the new announcements and launches. Apple is going to launch the new range of MacBooks, iPad Pros and much more.

The Apple special event 2018 has gotten so much to expect from that people can’t wait. This particular event will launch major products and some of which had been announced a long time ago.

When and Where is the Event?

The Apple event 2018 date is set on October 30th and it is taking place at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House in New York. This Apple October event 2018 will start at 10 am ET in the city of New York and 7:30 pm IST.

The event will also be live-streamed on the Apple website and people can watch it on their iPads, Macs and iPhones. Windows users can also watch it on Edge Explorer in Windows 10. On the Apple October event 2018 MacRumors said that the venue is already seen being decorated for the big event.

What to Expect this Time?

Apple has never failed to surprise us and this time we are hoping for nothing less. There have been lots of rumours and speculations about the Apple event on 30th October. To say with confidence will not be fair but we can address all the possible launches in the upcoming event.

Apple October Event 2018 MacBook Air

Apple is said to launch new versions of Macs for iMac and MacBook Air. MacBook was the ultimate product that brought Apple to the limelight and the company still cannot deny that they are one of the best sellers. The new MacBook Air 2 will have additional features added to it. The older version was a great seller in the market and the users are quite excited about this new MacBook Air 2.

Apple October Event 2018 Mac mini

Apple is said to launch a ‘pro’ version of MacBook Mini. MacBook mini has never been upgraded in so many years and guessing by Apple’s pattern of product launch, this time there will be a new version for it.

Apple Event 2018: iPad pros

The iPad pro was a great seller in the market and this time Apple is launching iPad pros which will be even better than the older version. The new ones will have two sizes- 11-inch size and 12.9 inch size. These new iPad pros will have a camera just like iPhone XS which was launched in Apple September event 2018. The iPads are expected to be slimmer than earlier versions. This naturally means that these iPads will not have a home button that takes up half the screen size.

Though the new iPad pros is speculated to not have the 3.5mm headphone jack yet people are excited. This had already happened when Apple decided to remove the headphone jack in the iPhones.

Apple Event 2018: MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro was released in 2013 but had never got any updates ever since. But this time Apple has worked on a more professional version of MacBook Pro that will target the pro customers. This version will be specially built for creative professionals who need a desktop for heavy work.

Apple Event 2018: Apple Pencil 2

Apple will be announcing the new updated Apple pencil 2 in its Apple October event 2018 date. The new Apple Pencil will be launched at the event and we still have to find out what new features it will have since all the stylus in the market have so much to offer.

Apple Event 2018: Apple AirPower

Apple AirPower was announced a long time ago but we never saw it. This time people are hoping to see the Apple AirPower in real. The concept is very interesting and is a wireless charging mat that can charge multiple devices at once. It will most probably charge three devices such as AirPods, iPhones and Apple watches. The mat is of white colour as shown in the events before and will be capable of charging devices faster.

This is all we can expect for now but we will surely cover up all the additional details once the event is over. Contact us at Appinventiv for further details.

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