Mobile App UI Design Tips from Top App Development Agency!
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Mobile App UI Design Tips from Top App Development Agency!

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Saturday, October 21, 2017 08:04 AM |3 min read
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The mobiles have transformed every aspect of our societies. Today, every second person is investing in mobile app development. As a result, the app market is overcrowded with mobile apps. Today, millions of mobile applications are present in all the app stores. In such a scenario, it is nearly impossible for any low-quality mobile app to stay in the market! One has to create a splendid mobile application to rule the app market.

Are you planning to build an app? Need an assistance from the best mobile app development company? Here are some of the effective mobile application UI design principles that our experts use to build top-notch applications:

Simple Design

As not every user will be tech-savvy, you must consider simple and interactive design. The design should not be complicated- the elements should not be overlapping or hidden behind the tabs and menus. The design must be simple enough to understand and act even in the first try. Besides this, the main features must be displayed in the front. This way the users will have quick access to these features. And thus, useful for you!
Again, not all the age groups have same expectations. So, according to the reputed mobile app UI designing company, developers should choose the target audience first. And then, design the app according to the needs of the targeted audience.

Consistent Design Layout

When building a mobile application, make it certain that the design layout remains same throughout the app. It shouldn’t be like some modules have one layout while the other modules have another. This would make it hard for users to understand the functionality of the buttons as their positions are shuffled. This would break the flow and frustrate the users. And thus, they would exit your app and never visit again. According to our experts, the developers should maintain consistency with the color, style, size, and position of the different elements while designing an app.

Proper Navigation, High Performance

To develop an app that goes viral in the market, work both on the design and functionality of the app. Make sure that the navigation within the mobile application provides utmost app development experience. The navigation speed must match with the user expectations. The app should not take much time for loading or get stuck in between.

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Our adept and experienced developers suggest all to include only required elements in the apps. This will reduce the app load and increase the performance efficiency. Avoid adding too many HD images, videos and other contents is also beneficial. Further, if the app is still taking time to load, notify the users. Or provide them with some exciting features or details till the navigation is going in the background.

Implementation of Device Capabilities

Smartphones, nowadays, are equipped with high-end features, varying from HD display to GPS and much more. By integrating these features into the mobile app, any app designer or app UI designing firm can win the user’s hearts. The prime three design hacks, in this case, are the proper usage of keyboards, orientation, and gestures.

Keyboard: Today, mobile devices come with several variations which might irritate the users if asked for too much of inputting. Thus, analyzing and choosing the right keyboard variations is a profitable deal.

Gestures: Gestures are many times invisible to the users. So, it is the responsibility of the developer to highlight them to get desired responses from users.

Orientation: There’s no exaggeration that portrait mode is the default orientation for almost every mobile app. But, this does not mean you should fully ignore the usefulness of landscape orientation. According to our mobile app development team, the landscape mode is useful in various situations, especially those involving long typing.

Wrapping Up

Now, as you know the ‘easy-to-try’ UI design hacks, adopt them and make an app delivering breathtaking user experience. And yes, don’t forget to test each and every part of the app. It will help in finding bugs and errors. It will enable you to check if everything is working as expected or not. Furthermore, it will assist in determining the success rate of the app in the mobile market.

For more related information or any guidance, reach us anytime! Appinventiv is No. 1 mobile app development company on AppFutura and has developed 250+ mobile apps till date. We use cutting-edge technology and have a good hand at creating apps for different business industries.

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