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Issues for Wearable App Development as Faced by the App Developers

By Shivam Srivastav
December 13, 2016 5 min read
Last update on: December 8, 2017

The advent of  a new technology like the wearables is enabling the various companies explore the relevance and potential of this recent trend on the technology front. Wearable app development,  just for the fitness tracker segment fetches a revenue of $ 700 million dollars. By 2018, the development and growth in this segment is expected to increase $ 12.6 billion dollars. More is the increase of the wearable devices, the higher is the predicted growth in the wearable app development market. These devices based on wearable technology are made more attractive for the users by the wearable app development companies to deliver the best of user experience and higher performance level of the app. Despite, all these engineering, developing these wearable apps is not an easy task. The app developers for the wearable technology often face some challenges which will enhance the efficiency of the wearable apps.

Here, are some of the challenges faced during wearable app development:

User Interface

The small screen size of the wearable gadgets differentiate  them from the other devices like smartphones and tablets. The singular most important factor that matters for the wearable gadgets is the User Interface, which is what is visible to the users and this is what matters to them. Streamlined end-user experience is based on speech-focussed commands and passive data collection. There is no place for detailed navigation and flashy icons. The User Interface that is desired is simple and quick. The hardest part is to fit the design elements in the small canvas space, which poses a problem for the app developers as they must not provide a cluttered design with too many design elements on the screen.

Quick Updates of Apps

The work on mobile app development does not stop only after developing the app. The maintenance of the app is equally important no sooner than the availability of the app for download. Once the app users become attached with these apps they would not prefer an obsolete app, which is not updated properly and there is a high probability of the app deletion as a result,  


Mobility and ease of use are the major factors which differentiates the wearable apps. The app developers must ensure an efficient functionality of the apps by understanding the desired needs of the customers, much well in advance. Mere replications of the mobile solutions do not serve the purpose for the consumers. Value addition to these apps is made possible, only through cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Data Privacy and Security

A majority of people, almost 51 % of the total has cited data privacy and security as one of their major concerns. They act as deterrent against the purchases of the wearable apps. Improved user experiences are based on opt-in privacy settings and clear communication, thereby building long-term customer relation. Sensitive information is protected with proven security measure, enhancing user confidence.

Compatibility with Other OS

The fate of Google Glass itself proves that those apps which are based on a specific Operating System are not that much of a success, compared to those which works across diverse platforms. Higher is the cross-platform capability of the wearable app, better is it for the wearable apps. The app developers ensure a surer success for the apps on the wearable devices, that are not limited in nature.

Battery Life

Another challenge faced by the app developers for the wearable segment is the limitations in the battery life of the wearable Devices. There are many cases of app rejection because of a waning battery life. This is addressed by the optimization of the app. The problem is often solved by not including an exaggerated amount of features and an app that is simple.

Quick to Act

The app developer must be quick enough to understand the market and develop the wearable apps for these latest gadgets, utilizing the benefits of this technology, while it is still providing opportunities and as the market for the wearable gadgets are growing at a rapid pace.

Success to your business comes by keeping up with the trends, while considering the above challenges.

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