Apple Rolls Out iOS 12 Developer Beta 8 After Pull back of Beta 7
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Apple Rolls Out iOS 12 Developer Beta 8 After Pull back of Beta 7

Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:40 AM |2 min read
Apple Rolls Out iOS 12 Developer Beta 8 After Pull back of Beta 7

After pulling back iOS 12 Developer Beta 7 three days ago after the release was touted as one of the most faulty updates till date, Apple launched its next version of the update – iOS 12 Developer Beta 8 yesterday.

iOS 12 Developer Beta 7 was launched for developers to download and explore on Monday but the user reviews that came strung along were in the line of app crashes, very high app load time, and an evident absence of Group FaceTime.

In order to curb the horror stories that surfaced with Beta 7, Apple has launched iOS 12 Developer Beta 8 with a series of improvements, while some issues still remain.

Here’s what has been made better with Beta 8 – a rollout which is said to be similar to the iOS 12 Developer Beta 6 Update.

List of Issues that have been resolved with iOS 12 Developer Beta 8

  1. Apps no more take 10 mins to an hour to launch after the app icon is pressed.
  2. Settings doesn’t automatically quit when users try to view or choose voice in the Speech setting.
  3. When using CarPlay, the Shortcuts that need configuration still work.
  4. When running the NSUserActivity shortcut, Siri now automatically opens the app.

While these four glaring Beta 7 issues have been resolved with the latest iOS 12 Developer Beta 8 update, there are still some issues that are yet to be resolved. While iOS App Developers who are onto the update would have already encountered these issues, Let’s nonetheless take a look at them.

Issues Still Prevalent in iOS 12 Developer Beta 8

  1. When signed in with the production account and testing on a sandbox account, the attempt to fetch new receipt shows a sign-in cue for production account having no option to switch to the Sandbox account.
  2. CoreGraphics calls now return early or return NULL.
  3. Sending an invite to iOS 11 users having multiple email ids linked with their Apple ID to the home, might go unsuccessful.
  4. Some languages are displaying unlocalized text, while some are exhibiting a misaligned or clipped layout.
  5. Group FaceTime has been removed from the preliminary release of iOS 12.
  6. Wifi calls end abruptly when switching from Wifi to cellular call when on T-Mobile network.
  7. The statistics related to ‘Picked Up Phone’ is coming inflated because of syncing of data from other devices in the same iCloud account.
  8. Siri shortcuts are not working when the device is locked.
  9. There have been instances where Apple Pay have become unavailable.

As the drill goes, these issues are also expected to get resolved by the time iOS 12 is rolled out for mass use by the next month.

Now before you go on installing the iOS 12 Developer Beta 8 one of your iOS 12 update compatible devices, make sure that you are using a device that you don’t use on a daily basis and that the data there have been backed up as the Beta updates are notoriously famous for harming the devices’ software.

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