Steps to Hire a Top Rated Mobile App Developer
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Steps to Hire a Top Rated Mobile App Developer

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Monday, July 18, 2016 12:46 PM |6 min read
Top Rated Mobile App Developer

Are you running your business only on a website? Then you could be missing out a lot of opportunities to generate revenues. These days users are spending more time on smartphones and tablets than on computers or laptops. You need a mobile app through which users can buy products or avail the services or access the product reviews and videos. For that you need to hire an experienced mobile app developer that can build your product as the way you want.

You may find many app developers but finding the right one for your business would be a difficult task. The right developer can add value in many ways than just development which will help you to maximize your revenues for your app business.

Here are some steps you need to follow while searching for a top mobile app developer:

1. Check the company’s portfolio

You should not be afraid to ask the portfolio which the company has prepared in the mobile app development domain. A good developer should be having good skills and knowledge of UI and UX. When looking at the portfolio, keep a track of beautiful looking development projects that have delivered both excellent user interface and smart user experience. This is the way you can understand the skills and experience of the company and you can check whether this type of mobile application you need for your business.

2. Identifying the current and past clients

Verifying the developers who have built the apps or they claim to have worked on is very important. Searching for developers who will give the contact details of the client so that you can get the feedback of the work from the client. Checking on the reviews gives a great opportunity to ask how reliable and result oriented the candidates are.

You can also visit websites such as ClutchAppFutura and search for reviews which could be very critical for your business.

3. Look for a company who is also interested in your business and not just into business

A good mobile app development company will not only give you insights through the development but will also provide with creative input based on their past experience in development of similar apps.

4. What platform do the developers build their apps on

A top rated app development company should have a team of developers who have extensive experience in all the platforms like iOS, Android. This will help the application get more traffic and able to reach the target audience.

5. Mode of communication through development

If you want to develop a quality app then you need to clearly communicate with the company in respect of your app design and functionality before and throughout the development process. You need to clear with the app developer which mode of communication would they prefer and how often?

6. What all features you can add

There are a lot of apps in the market where people download the apps and after sometime the users delete it or abandon it. So not letting the users from abandoning the app, you need to add some exciting features like social media features, sharing, in app purchase and GPS check-ins.

7. Who will be the owner of the app

Generally the individual or company who pays for the development for the mobile app will own the finished product. You should sign a written copyright contract with the developer. The document will establish confidentiality and clear the ambiguity as to who is the owner.

8. How the testing is done?

The best way is to run on a smartphone for which the app is developed. The company should provide a thorough explanation of the quality process to determine whether there are any glitches in the app or is bugfree.

9. Submitting to app stores

After the final testing is done and you have given the green signal, the final step is for the developer to submit the app on the app store or play store. But submitting on the app store is not an easy task, the store has its own guidelines and has to go through a multi-step process. A top mobile app developer will know what is required and what all necessary steps needed to submit the app.

10. What should be fees and payment methods

There should be a draft agreement that the developer will be remunerated in hourly basis or with a flat fee. Many developers either ask for half of the total cost upfront or can be compensated half initially and half after completion of the project. The basic mobile app will cost less but more complicated apps or more feature rich apps will increase the cost considerably.


You need to make sure what app are you going to make, the better the developer the better chance for you to get desired result. If you are looking for an amazing app experience why don’t you contact AppInventiv and share your ideas with us? The team will convert your dreams into reality.

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