Google Play Store Policy Updated, Crucial to Build ‘Android 8.0’ R
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Google Play Store Policy Updated, Crucial to Build ‘Android 8.0’ Ready Apps

Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| Saturday, July 14, 2018 15:11 PM |2 min read
Google Play Store Policy Updated, Crucial to Build ‘Android 8.0’ Ready Apps

Google has recently announced a big change in its play store policy. From August 1st, 2018, all the new Android applications being uploaded to the play store will have to target Android 8.0 or higher. Besides, the Android app developers have to update their existing apps to Android 8.0 at the latest. By November 1st, 2018, no developer will be allowed to upload an app update unless it is designed keeping Android 8.0’s features and specifications into consideration.

This might seem a simple action, but has a ‘behind the curtains’ story worth considering. As per the Google Play Store developers, most of the Android app development experts were intentionally building Android apps for older Android versions. Their prime focus is not to entertain a wider audience, provided most of them are still clinging to pre-Marshmallow versions. But, it is to get an escape from the strict guidelines of the newer Android OS versions and make more money.

The team revealed that the Pre-Marshmallow Android models do not ask for manual permission for app requests from the users. The Android mobile apps built on these older Android versions can easily access your location, contacts, gallery, microphone, and much more. They can sell this information to marketers and earn money. And the consequence of this practice is that the Mobile App Fraud Cases have increased by 600% since 2015.

However, no more. By implementing this Play Store guideline, the Google is demanding the mobile app development companies to provide the end users with the option to click on ‘Deny’ button every time they ask for an app request. In other words, the Google is restricting the shadiest behavior in Android malware-related issues.

While it seems that Google is lagging behind the Apple in terms of serving security to the end users, provided the Apple has already updated its App Store guidelines ensuring the iOS app developers cannot access user’s Address book. The Google team has some other plans.

As per the tech giant, these deadlines will continue to be applied each year. From next year, the Android app developers will be compelled to make their app ready for Android 9.0. In other words, this Google Play Store policy will ask the Android experts to make their application targeting the Android version that is not older than a year. Otherwise, their mobile app won’t get uploaded or updated. So, are you ready for this change?

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