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Google Introducing AutoPlay Video Option on Play Store

By Bhupinder Kour
September 3, 2019 5 min read
Last update on: September 3, 2019

What entered into the mobile world with Facebook and Instagram and outshined the market is soon going to be a part of the Play Store.

Google, following the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram, is introducing Autoplay Video option on their Play Store.

The tech giant, which recently increased app approval time and redesigned Play Store interface, is now bringing the idea of autoplaying app videos on Play Store. Meaning, the promotional app listing videos will start playing automatically when users scrolls down to that section of the app page.

Google has not yet disclosed if the videos will be able to play in silent mode or be disabled on mobile networks, or not. But, they believe that this addition will deliver better experience to both Android app developers and users.

Wondering how? Let’s find out here.

Though promo videos are already added to the Play Store page, many users resist the idea of tapping on them. This option of autoplaying will cut down their hassle while offering them with a privilege to get a glance of the video content. And eventually, make it easier for them to know more about the app, its features and working process. Something that will prevent users from exiting the app page within 2 seconds.

While this is what this option means for Android mobile app users, it’s time to see what’s in it for the  developers.

As the number of applications are increasing exponentially on Play Store, app discoverability is turning out to be a challenge for Android mobility experts. It is becoming tougher for app developers to be on top the list of search page and convince their users to pick their application over others – despite following the comprehensive guide to Play Store optimization to its entirety.

This option, as per the Google team, will help Android app development companies to easily bring more eyeballs on their app page and convert them to loyal customers.

However, there’s a condition.

To reap the benefits of this option, Android application developers would have to ensure that no copyright could be claimed on these videos. Also, they would have to disable monetization strategies on the video added to play store. 

Note: Monetization and Copyright is restricted onto the video added to Play Store only; they are allowed on the videos uploaded on other platforms.

And the reason proposed by Google team for this action is that copyright claims often confuse users. Besides, the monetized or unrelated video added to earn more money from Android apps distracts users from the original concept. 

So, by removing these two, they are hoping to bridge the gap between Android app development services and users in need of those services.

With the same intention, Google has made it compulsory for all the developers to remove monetized videos and copyright claims by November 1st. Also, they have announced to make the ‘AutoPlay video’ service live by this September.

So, let’s hold our breath for sometime and see if this change would bring expected positive impact on the lives of Android developers and users, or not.

Bhupinder Kour
Bhupinder Kour
Content Writer
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