Google announces “Play Pass is coming Soon”

By Tripti Rai
September 10, 2019 5 min read
Last update on: September 10, 2019

News in Brief:

  • Google tweeted that Play Pass is “coming soon”.
  • The subscription-based service will offer, not just games, but also premium apps.
  • The Play Pass icon resembles a vertical ticket with four neon colors, the same as Google Play.
  • Play pass subscription fee is set to be $4.99 per month including a 10-days free trial.

Play Pass was first spotted last June and in July as a service based on the subscription model, when it was going through testing. The first screenshots of Play Pass displayed a monthly service that would offer “access to hundreds of premium apps” and today, Google has announced the Android offering in a “coming soon” mode while revealing its official icon.

As opposed to Apple Arcade, both games and regular apps will be included in the subscription package. 

The subscription for Play Pass is assumed to be $4.99 per month inclusive of a 10-days free trial, till it is in the testing phase. However, it is expected to change before Play Pass is launched for the public.  

The thoughtfully curated catalog for Play Pass will include “hundreds of premium apps” which will include fitness trackers and music tools. Additionally, the service will be free from advertising and in-app purchases, given you are paying for it. All of the functionalities that will be locked in the trial version will be accessible once the subscription is bought. 

A piece of good news for all the gamers is that the premium game “Stardew Valley” is included in the subscription, which originally costs $7.99 per download. Now, gamers can save some bucks right there.

Google in its Play Store will dedicate a whole section to browse apps that are a part of Play Pass. Whereas, the store listings will feature a purple banner beneath the buy button on the Android apps. 

The newly unveiled icon for Play Pass is as attractive as the Google Play’s icon. Google on Twitter showcased a new vertical ticket-shaped icon, filled with four bright neon colors, the same as that of Google Play. 

It is presumed that this icon replaces the fast-forward arrows previously witnessed in the screenshots released last June. This icon is befitting and does justice to the word “Pass” entirely. 

As per Google “It’s almost time” for the subscription-based service to have an official unveiling, which is on the way.  

Google seems to be on an improvement-spree, for it just launched Play Store with the redesigned update last August. It is only a matter of time that Google introduces another element of awesomeness and poses a hard competition to its contenders like Apple. 

Tripti Rai
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