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Google Maps update: Loaded with three amazing features

By Tripti Rai
August 26, 2019 5 min read
Last update on: August 26, 2019

News in Brief:

  • Google Maps has been introduced with three additional features.
  • Users can now see reservations and bookings related to any given trip.
  • Google Maps allows the user to find restaurants and dishes. The app will also let the users know how busy and crowded the place is.
  • With the feature “Timeline” enabled from Location history, the users can revisit the places.

Google Maps is an incredibly useful app for both Android and iOS users. And ever since its latest update, Google has been incorporating new features one-by-one, making itself all the more useful. 

Like, a while ago Google added the food delivery on maps search assistant and now more awesomeness has been brought on the table.

Recently, Google announced three new changes in its popular navigation app. These three new features are said to assist the Maps users in numerous ways. Let’s have a look at them and analyze how useful they are.

Access Booking and Reservations within Maps

For people who love traveling, Google Maps have been a savior on many occasions. To facilitate the users even more, the American tech-giant is making things more fluid and easy for users ― Google Maps will now display users’ flight along with hotel reservations within the app. 

Google Maps’ new feature called “Your Places” is currently rolling out on both Android and iOS.

There is also a side menu on Google Maps’ app that will show an option called“Your Places”, within which you will find the “Reservations” tab. Here users will be able to see an auto-generated list of forthcoming trips and holidays that they have lined up.

In addition to this, the users will be reminded where there are going along with outlining the time-duration of the outing. Users are only required to click on the particular option to bring out all the bookings for it.

As explained by Google in a blog post, a user will have to tap on a selection named “Trip to Paris” (in case they are headed to Paris) in order to see flight details and other reservations they have made.

Google in the same blog, remarked, “Now, you can use Google Maps to see all of your flight and hotel reservations in one place – a lifesaver when you’re checking in at the airport or en route to the next hotel in your destination.” 

And “Simply tap on the three grey lines at the top left corner of your screen, and then on ‘Your Places’. Then, hit the ‘Reservations’ tab where you’ll see a list of your upcoming trips. Selecting your trip will instantly pull up your reservations, and you can even access them if you’re offline, so no need to worry if you’re off the grid with no service or traveling internationally without a data plan.”

Find food at your fingertips

Google Maps now allows users to locate the cuisines and dishes suited to their taste―these are accompanied by the images of the dishes and food in question from other users. Moreover, the app can also tell users how busy and rushed a restaurant is.

This feature is made available to both iOS and Android users.

Go nostalgic by reliving your travel moments

By enabling the Location history settings in the Maps app, users will get access to the feature “Timeline” where they can see previously visited places with ease. These places can be restaurants, shops, attractions and a myriad of other things. 

Talking about this feature, Google said “The best part about any life-changing trip? Reliving the memories, and sharing them with loved ones.”

“If you’ve chosen to turn your Location History setting on, you can now use the updated version of Timeline to easily remember that amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurant you dined at or the cute vintage shop you popped into.

You’ll also be able to see all of the places you went to in a country or a city and even drill down to the categories of places you visited–including restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels, and airports.”

With such features added to the Maps app, it’s already gigantic user base and popularity is sans doubt going to increase. At the back of these features, Google Maps is only strengthening itself as a strong opponent in the direction navigation market.

Tripti Rai
Tripti Rai
Content Manager
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