Google Go App is now Available for all Android Users

By Tripti Rai
August 21, 2019 5 min read
Last update on: August 21, 2019

News in Brief:

  • Google Go app, a lightweight version of standard Google app is now available to all Android users globally.
  • Users with devices running on Android 5.0 and above will be able to use Google Go effectively.
  • It possesses features like data-saving, tap through trending topics, voice search, effective language switching, and Google Lens to allow reading of web pages aloud.
  • In total, the Google Go app is now available in 29 countries, including emerging markets and countries with no bandwidth concerns.

If you like standard Google app, you are going to love Google Go. 

Google has launched its Google Go app on Play Store, making it available to all android users worldwide. It is a lightweight version of the Google app with data-saving capability.

After months of beta testing, Google Go was first launched in 2017 for the emerging markets globally. It was designed to target the problem of slow or unstable internet connection by the way of low-end Android devices where users were accessing the internet for the very first time.  

It is pretty light in terms of size, to be precise, only 7MB, to facilitate emerging markets. Google Go is ideal for saving space in your Android device, as it takes much less space as compared to standard Google app. It is also instilled with the offline feature to aid users facing slow and irregular connection. 

This is how the offline mode of Google Go works –   The app remembers your query or command and resumes loading once the connection is available and will also let you know the same.

Google claims that its search app’s results are optimized for saving up to 40% of data.

Besides web search, Google Go contains several discovery features including:

  • Tap through trending topics
  • Images & GIFs
  • Voice search
  • Easy language switching
  • Reading web pages aloud, which is powered by impeccable AI Technology.

One additional innovativeness that is being introduced in Google Go, as announced at the I/O conference in May, 2019, is Google Lens.

Google Lens is a remarkable feature allowing users to scan and hear real-life documents by using the camera on their Android phone. This is a boon for people who struggle to read. You only have to point the camera at the text such as bus schedule, sign or any other document and Google Go will read it aloud for you, while highlighting the spoken words. Not just this, but the users can also find the definition of a particular word or even translate desired documents.

As per Google, the initial size of the Go app was 5MB. However, since its launch, the size has increased to 7MB, where Lens only contributed 100KB. 

Along with Google Go, other Go-branded apps are also made available like Gmail Go, Gallery Go, Files Go, YouTube Go, Google Assistant Go and more.

Google has made its lightweight app available to a total of 29 countries. The number is inclusive of the countries with no problems related to bandwidth, as every users must be given the choice to save storage and data in case of spotty connections or limited storage.

As the demand for developing Android Go apps is increasing, it is inevitable that it will also receive elated response from the users globally, just as it acquired 100 million downloads in the past. Google always comes out with the best services and we expect nothing less in the future as well.

Tripti Rai
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