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Flowhub launches “Stash” mobile app for Cannabis Inventory Management

By Priyanka Juyal
July 4, 2019 2. min read
Last update on: June 16, 2020


  • Flowhub Company is a leading retailer management solution provider in the US.
  • Stash Mobile App is developed by Flowhub for Cannabis Inventory Management. It helps in auditing inventory and maintain accuracy, reduces the chances of discrepancies, reduces Inventory management cycles, etc.
  • 33 US States have legalized Cannabis for medicinal use and 10 for recreational marijuana use.
  • There was a 76% increase in Cannabis Jobs and increase in sales to $52B.
  • Cannabis sales are estimated to reach $77 Billion by 2022.

In the past few years, people’s perception towards Cannabis has changed immensely. What was seen as illegal and a prohibited element, now surfaced as an elixir for many patients around the world suffering from Epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome and more. 

With this increased demand for Cannabis, companies like Flowhub took a step forward to give Cannabis Industry a chance to grow up with advanced and competent resources. Flowhub is a Denver based retailer management solution for Cannabis dispensaries, which helps manage the Cannabis inventory in an efficient way. As a leading inventory management company of the US, also dealing in POS platform, they have recently launched their new mobile app called “Stash”.

Stash is a never-seen before cannabis mobile app, specifically designed to keep track of Cannabis Inventory. It is understandable that, with rapidly expanding market and demand for Cannabis, it has become difficult for the retailers to manage the inventory manually.

Moreover, in today’s world when everything is done digitally, like Accounting, why Cannabis Industry be devoid of such facilities? In regards to this, Stash mobile app has come to save the day and make Cannabis inventory management a piece of cake.

CEO of Flowhub Kyle Sherman said, “Businesses within the legal cannabis industry look to high-tech platforms with diverse solutions to maintain compliance, improve business performance, and separate themselves from their competition,” and this is exactly what Flowhub provided with its app.

Stash app is a tailor-made app, designed keeping in mind the Cannabis inventory procedure. This app does all the heavy lifting and everything which was done manually before, with several steps included. It was a much needed initiative as manual procedure consumed more time and energy.

The fact that Stash does all the work of 60 minutes in just 5 minutes is a proof of its  efficacy and usefulness in itself. Many companies like Green Dragon, which covers 12 locations in Colorado, have started using this app with the mobile NUG and only has good things to say about it. 

Talking about the manual procedure, company expressed its views by saying, “Manually tracking data from a desktop and spreadsheets increases the chance for human error and discrepancies, and is a major drain on business resources”. 

Stash app on the other hand, is a remarkable utility which promotes easy auditing, helps in tracking and transferring of the inventory from one location to another, and maintain the accuracy in the records.

Kyle Sherman also told Benzinga that “…Managing inventory is a physical job and it requires your workflow to move just as much as your product”. It is very true as the management of any business has to be as fluid as the nature of the business itself. The bigger the size of business gets, it demands more advanced management procedures.

Along with the app, Flowhub gives the assurity of Secure technology, compliance expertise and “Top-shelf” customer support. It also offers reliable Point of Sales software, innovative mobile solutions, etc. Flowhub definitely seems like a remarkable package deal for Cannabis retail companies.

Flowhub can be perceived as a strong pillar in Cannabis Industry as it processes over $1B in annual Cannabis sales and is also supported by industry investors like Poseidon Asset Management, Green Lion Partners, and more. Seeing such accomplishments, we are bound to expect more innovative and unparalleled solutions from them. Let’s see what Flowhub has to offer in the future, and we expect nothing but perfection.

Priyanka Juyal
Priyanka Juyal
Content Writer
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