How to Find App Developers that Meet Your Development Needs?
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How to Find App Developers that Meet Your Development Needs?

Peeyush Singh
By Peeyush Singh| Friday, June 16, 2017 12:08 PM |7 min read
How to Find App Developers that Meet Your Development Needs

As per a recent survey, the majority of mobile users are more than the desktop users. More and more businesses are realizing the need for effectively using mobile channels to attract customers. Many of the entrepreneurs have already started or scaled existing ones through well-developed apps.

With a mobile app, you can achieve results that are difficult to achieve from a mobile-friendly website.

Now the problem here is that although Mobile Apps have taken a very important place in the list of factors affecting business growth, finding the right app developer who would help you develop one, is what is difficult.

You can find app developers anywhere but you cannot find the right ones that easily. Too many individuals have app development services to offer but unless you as a client assess their capabilities, you won’t be able to come to a conclusion as to who is the best of the lot.  

Over time, questions like ‘how to find an app developer’ and ‘where to find app developers’ have become the most complex to tackle. But, this stops now.

Let us look at what are the key points to consider before you hire a mobile app developer.

Points to keep in mind before you hire a mobile app developer

Hiring someone to do your project is not just about getting the work done. There are so many factors that come into picture when hiring someone for your business. To find app developers, you should be looking at things beyond coding skills. Of course, coding is one of the most important skills but you cannot possibly work with someone who lacks other basic skills.

To hire the best mobile app developers, consider the following points:

Look for someone who cares about your business

For a business, their customers and employees are the greatest assets. When looking for app developers, make sure you hire someone who is ready to understand your business model and the purpose of the app. 

Check previous client’s reference

A client will always appreciate good mobile app development services and will give a good feedback. Find those reviews and go through them in much detail and then make a calculated choice. Although, it is true that sometimes the reviews are not 100% true yet you can rely on them most of the time.

Low price is not always a good deal

Mobile app development service is a one time deal and you need the result to be worth the penny. But going for cheap mobile app developer for hire may affect your app severely. And so it is important that you are opting for a developer who although charges high but knows what is needed to make a secure, interactive app. 

Ask questions

In a client-business relationship, everything should be transparent. Asking questions is a great way of knowing what to expect from each other. In one of our blogs named  – 17 Questions to Ask Before Finalizing A Mobile App Development Companywe have talked about the questions to ask before hiring a developer. Go through them and you will get an idea of what kind of questions help finalize the right association. 

Don’t just hire but build a relationship

Mobile app development is a long process that needs understanding and being open to opinions to others, find app developers with a similar outlook. When the relationship between a client and a company is healthy then working together, in the long run, becomes a possibility.

These were some of the most important things to consider when looking to hire the best mobile app developers. While the points hold true for both iOS and Android platforms, head over to this blog, which is specially dedicated to Tips to Hire Android App Developer in case you want to hire top Android app developers.

Where to find app developers?

In this section, we will discuss where to look for mobile app developer for hire. There is a wide array of options available to find the best developers who can complement an existing team for an ongoing project. In addition to this, you can even find developers to build an app from scratch. For now, let us look at the places where to find app developers.

Dedicated websites

There are many platforms that connect businesses with mobile app developers. Such sites consist of list and ratings of developers with reviews, profiles and many more. They even have different sections for easier search such as Top iOS app developers and Top Android app developers to name a few. Furthermore, such sites even allow you to participate in forum discussions for insights and other important information.


This is the most reliable source of information to know everything about app developers or as a matter of fact any service provider. In other words, you can gather information such as pros, cons and nuances of working with the developer. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that you can find professional developers who are ready to help you.

Social media

B2B Social media platforms for professionals and business

Social media has become one of the best business tools of all time. Apart from the usual posting and chatting, you can network with people. Many companies and professionals have taken to social media to build their personal brand. LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are some great places to reach out to services providers on a more personal level.

Local universities

Universities have the kind of developers that are freshers and are looking to learn. There is no denying that there is a huge chance for finding standout developers. You can reach out to these local mobile app developers directly. Working with the best and brightest minds will help you in getting the best app for your business.

Freelance platforms

Platforms are a great way to find developers. They allow the service providers to showcase their skills and enables you to find the right fit for a project of any kind of complexity. Finding app developers through such freelance websites like Upwork, People per hour and Guru is an easy job.


There are many communities that are dedicated to the designers and developers. Some of them are Dribbble and Behance which are considered the top communities for designers and developers. Communities provide a way to freely showcase skills and network with each other.

Companies that outsource

There are many mobile app development companies that provide app developers for hire. This way you will get an app developer who is backed by an entire team of designers, and managers. This reduces the risk of mistakes during the development of the app and the team provides strategies to make the app development process a huge success.

Consider effective comparison

When considering the question of how to find an app developer, keep in mind the most important step i.e. comparing. Once you have created a list of mobile app developers, it is time to have a closer look at each of them. The reason to do this is that you will be able to find the right one for your project.

You can also ask for a list of previous clients and then contact them for more detailed and unbiased feedback. This will tell you how responsive, trustworthy and result-oriented the mobile app developer is. Any decision that is taken in a hurry, results in regret later, therefore, take your time to analyze the various options you have.

Furthermore, you can even ask the developer about the communication during the mobile app development process. The right way to keep up with the project is a weekly report provided by the app developer. This way you will keep track of the work and changes can be made in the earlier stage itself.

The demand for mobile app developers is growing by leaps and bounds because of the increasing need for apps. In this regard, businesses should consider all the above-mentioned tips and tricks to find yourself the best developer. Also, don’t forget to compare the shortlisted developers as this will help you make the right choice.

We hope you found this blog useful. If you are still can’t find developers for your project, don’t worry we have got you covered. Our team of developers at Appinventiv is ready to help you out. Contact us. 

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