Best 10 FIFA apps for Diehard Football Fans

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 12 Apps For Live Streaming and More

By Shivam Srivastava
June 14, 2018 5 min read
Last update on: July 17, 2019


The journey that started 26 days back has now reached an exciting point. In just 12 hours, we all will be glued to our seat holding the popcorns for watching the most awaited semi-final between England and Croatia in Moscow.

A competition between England – the team that has not scored among the last four for 28 years and have not taken the trophy to their home since 1966, and Croatia – the team who have never reached beyond the semi-finals but holds the luck to taste the success this time. We all will be holding our breath and making predictions on who will take back the prize of a return trip to the Luzhniki Stadium where the finals will be hosted. Isn’t it so?

But, if you are worried that you won’t be able to enjoy all this – all thanks to your busy professional and social life – don’t feel bad. I have curated a list of top FIFA apps with the live streaming option and other features like checking updates, watching interviews, etc. with which you can remain updated with all the news, scores, and even enjoy the exclusive video clips in the middle of your meeting.

Sounds cool?

Scroll down to see the list, and download an app to keep your spirit up!

1. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Official App

The FIFA World Cup 2018 official app will make it easier for you to balance your work life with the soccer updates. The application will render you with the up-to-date news, scores, and information about the team players. You can read the profiles of each player and predict which team would win. Besides, you can pick your favorite team and get notifications when they play.


ESPN, the brand name in American Sports Media, has its own app with a particular section dedicated to World Cup. It is free to use but includes some ads.

In this football updates app, you can keep a record of scores in real-time, watch exclusive video clips, stay updated with up-to-the-minute news, get information related to your favorite team only, view the upcoming games chart, read articles by top-notch ESPN writer, and much more.

3. OneFootball

This FIFA mobile app covers all the football leagues with unparalleled detail. Here, you can check the live scores, find the commentaries, fill your mind with breaking news, watch the recaps, and much more.

With a clean UI and easy navigation features, the freemium app is the right Android and iOS mobile application to enjoy FIFA world cup from a 5-inch screen.

4. Goal Live Score

If you don’t want to through the hassle of live streaming and just want to see the scores, this is the best world cup app for you. The Goal Live Score app keeps you updated with the scores of all the matches and team in real-time, without complicating the things.

The FIFA app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. Download today and keep the excitement up!

5. Live Soccer TV

This app is the perfect guide to get the latest news from the stadium of Football World Cup. It consists of programs of official match broadcasts from different nook and corners of the world. This FIFA app, besides live streaming option, offers services like timely notifications about the match statistics, current score, commenting and much more.

6. Stats Zone

Based on the performance analysis algorithms elite clubs used, the Stats Zone app is the best FIFA World Cup 2018 app to get in-depth insights of soccer matches. The application shows data and chalkboard visualization of each shot, chance, clearance, and much more. It let you compare team by team, and player by player to go beyond the highlights recorded by the commentary team. And this way, make the tournament more exciting.

7. Telemundo Deportes

If you want to relish the Football mania in Spanish, this is the one and only one best FIFA world cup app you should download. The Telemundo Deportes application will let you switch between 7 live in-game camera angles, and see live stats as if you are watching the tournament in the stadium. Besides, you can also take the perks of thousands of exclusive videos of goals, key moments, highlights, interviews, and so on.

8. BBC Sport

The official BBC Sports app is also a great app to watch live football streaming for free on Android and iPhone devices. It offers a complete set of features and services, like selecting your personalized news notifications for more than 300 soccer matches, watch live streaming or on-demand highlights, set event reminders, read the top headlines, access audio and text commentary, and much more.

9. Univision Deportes

Univision Deportes is yet another best app for football streaming. Here, you can enjoy LIVE streaming of soccer leagues in the USA and Puerto Rico via Univision NOW account. It notifies you at the beginning of a match, covers the real-time scorers and the final result of the teams you selected, and share the ranking chart to help you see which team is winning.

10. Forza Football

This is yet another best FIFA app for live streaming. The interface might seem confusing at first since the app has split the complete app into three types: your competition, your teams, and your calendar. With each section displaying a particular set of information and facts, the application makes it easier for the football fanatics to get customized information.

11. theScore

This app for FIFA World Cup brings you the real-time news, stats, scores, and videos on your Android and iOS device. It keeps you updated with all the major leagues and competitions, and so, keep the sports spirit breathe in you.

12. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is also one of the best FIFA apps to enjoy live broadcast, check live scores and get exclusive content from Puck Daddy. On the top of it, you can also select your favorite players and teams, and get notifications about their next event. On the top of it, you can also select your favorite players and teams, and get notifications about their next event. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and sign up with your Yahoo account.

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