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Google Assistant

43 Best New Google Assistant Features That Makes it Better than Siri
Gurdeep Singh
By Gurdeep Singh| January 18, 2019 |15 min read

Originally published May 10th, 2018, updated January 18th, 2019. From setting an alarm to ordering food and reserving seats, the digital assistants have enhanced our lives in multiple ways. Since their inception, these voice assistants have grown rapidly with no backed off yet. But, can you name the best one among them? If you have […]

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How Can Google Voice Assistant App Make Your Business Efficient?
Avinash Sharma
By Avinash Sharma| January 14, 2019 |5 min read
How Can Google Voice Assistant App Development Make Your Business Efficient

2017 was the year of Alexa with the Amazon assistant passing 10 million unit sales in the year as a whole. 2018 saw Google Home rising and rising with it was Google Voice Assistant App – the technology powering million of Google Home devices around the globe. And soon, in just a matter of 2 […]

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Google Assistant “Continued Conversation” Feature is Live in The US
Tripti Rai
By Tripti Rai| June 22, 2018 |2 min read
Google Assistant Continued Conversation Feature is Live in The US

Google is finally following up on its most requested and appreciated announcement of Google I/O 2018. Out of all the announcements made in the I/O 2018 Developer Conference, Google Assistant Continued Conversation was the one that has gained the maximum user attention. And yesterday Google declared that it is following up on the promise starting […]

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How to use Action SDK for Google Assistant App Development?
Avinash Sharma
By Avinash Sharma| May 23, 2018 |6 min read
How to use Action SDK for Google Assistant App Development

With a simple ‘Hey, Google’ and ‘Ok, Google’, Google Home – the flagship speaker powered by Google Assistant has now found its place in a number of homes ever since the announcement of expansion in the Google I/O 2018 Developer Conference. As Google Home prepares to make an appearance in million of homes in over […]

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