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Blockchain will Revolutionize Healthcare: The Truth or A Baseless Hype
Chirag Bhardwaj
By Chirag Bhardwaj| July 4, 2018 |14 min read
The future of blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain will revolutionize the Healthcare Industry as you know it. No. Blockchain is a Sham. It will never be able to Make a Mark in an Industry as prominent as Healthcare. You will now spend the next 14 minutes coming to a stand still of whether or not Blockchain will impact the Healthcare industry and […]

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EOS vs Ethereum: Who Will Win the Title of Best Smart Contract Platform
Chirag Bhardwaj
By Chirag Bhardwaj| June 7, 2018 |7 min read

Getting into agreements in a sans Blockchain world involves an active participation – which comes attached with a price tag – of intermediaries, something that in one way or the other limits the horizons a business can reach in terms of extending their business relations. Cut to the era of Blockchain. Blockchain, along with its […]

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Uses of Blockchain in Enterprises And Questions You Should Ask Before Its Implementation
Sudeep Srivastav
By Sudeep Srivastav| April 17, 2018 |6 min read
Blockchain in Enterprise Apps

A decade ago, nobody could have even imagined that there can be a platform that is completely decentralized, tamper proof. And the incorporation of which would completely eliminate the middlemen, bringing the power of information right from the source to the parties who need them. But, in just a matter of few years, we have […]

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How Blockchain Technology will Revolutionize Mobile App Economy?
Sudeep Srivastav
By Sudeep Srivastav| March 6, 2018 |5 min read
Blockchain Technology and Mobile Economy

Blockchain technology is progressively taking over the business world. The technology was once considered to be confined to bitcoins. But with time, it has proved that bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg; the potential of the technology is beyond decentralized transactions and even our expectations. The Blockchain technology revamped several industries, including Real […]

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Blockchain Technology: All Set To Revamp the Future of Transactions
Gurdeep Singh
By Gurdeep Singh| February 26, 2018 |6 min read
Blockchain Technology Will Revamp the Future of Transactions

Blockchain technology-based applications find wide use in nearly all industry segments. One of the most beneficial applications of blockchain is in recording, retrieving, and settlement of transactions of any nature. A vital but time-consuming task of any business is recording transactions. Traditionally done by staff on Excel spreadsheets, it is highly prone to errors. A […]

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Blockchain Wallets- A Complete Guide
Gurdeep Singh
By Gurdeep Singh| February 20, 2018 |10 min read
Blockchain - Cryptocurrency

Digital currency frenzy refuses to die down. More and more individuals and industries are adopting Bitcoins and altcoins. While buying and selling virtual currency is pretty straightforward, there is much ambiguity about Cryptocurrency wallets. A number of questions abound- what are these wallets actually? Are they safe? Are they anonymous? Which is the best wallet, […]

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Blockchain: The Technology Revolutionizing Mobile App Security
Gurdeep Singh
By Gurdeep Singh| February 6, 2018 |5 min read

Blockchain has become the definition of Security in the present digital world. With a number of industries and even governments applying the technology to add a whole new level of security and decentralization to their processes, the technology has penetrated itself into the world beyond IT and Finance. A trend that is visible in the […]

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Blockchain: Taking Real Estate to the Next Level
Gurdeep Singh
By Gurdeep Singh| December 7, 2017 |7 min read
technology in real estate

Blockchain – The Internet of Trust combines the openness of internet with security of cryptography, giving everyone safer and faster way to verify every information and establish trust. By removing all the intermediaries that stand between a user and the information they need are drastically removed by the intervention of Blockchain. Making every industry under […]

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