Making Your Business Need Its Own Mobile App
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Making Your Business Need Its Own Mobile App

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Wednesday, July 8, 2015 17:35 PM |6 min read
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Mobile apps are ubiquitously present these days, as most of the businesses have or have started the process of developing their own personalised apps. Whether you own a restaurant, a pet shop, a coffee house, a pub, or an enticing spa, your clients are the core of your business. Your mobile app gives you access, while on the go, as you need to access the data, from anywhere and anytime. For an increasing number of smartphone users all around the globe, the mobile applications are for earning higher revenues.

This trend was started by big brands like Walmart, but nowadays, more and more big and mid-sized companies are following the mobile trends and emphasising on developing their own mobile apps. But, still there are a few business owners who hold a thought that, having a mobile-responsive site is enough and they continue to do their business in the traditional ways.

Here, are a few of the reasons why it is required to have a dedicated mobile app:

Enhanced Visibility to the Users

Data states that an average mobile user spends approximately two hours a day on his or her mobile phone. It is true that the user is interested in only a handful of applications in the phone, but if he or she has the app of any company installed in the phone, there are more chances of the app to be opened. Our mind record every images and text, even when they are unnoticed.

Offers Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile apps serve multiple of functions like that of general info, news feeds, search features and many more. Out of all these, the most important function is, it creates a direct marketing channel for your business. Mobile applications provide all the relevant information regarding the concerned brand; special sales and promotions, discounts, new product launches and many more, so that they can be kept at your fingertips. It is more meaningful to make the users aware about discounts and offers, in the form of push notifications, of course at the right time.

A Medium for Digitalizing Your Loyalty program

This happens the most important factor for adopting mobile apps for your business. It is very common for the business owners, especially who are in service industry, retail, hospitality, e-commerce to have loyalty benefits and schemes to their regular customers. Earlier, users used to have a loyalty card and in order to redeem the points, he or she had to visit physically. But if you have a dedicated mobile app, then the customers can redeem their points with the help of an app and in this way, resulting in business growth.

Just stay close with your clients with the mobile apps. However, the apps cannot save your business.

Building and Recognizing Your Brand

If your app is engrossing, soon it will entice users to buy your product. A mobile app could greatly contribute to the brand awareness. It’s up to you that how you design your app. You can make it engrossing, stylish, colorful or informative. The ideal mobile app should contain beautiful designs, colors and at the same time, it should also be informative and user friendly. Effective frequency in advertising refers to viewing your apps many times a day, and get truly noticed.

Improve Customer Engagement

Whatever your business is, customer engagement plays a very crucial role in any business, a way to reach you needs to be evolved. In case you have a helpdesk feature in your app, then it really makes a difference in the way you communicate with your customers. Like Foodpanda came out with an excellent idea of developing an app that would let the customers to book a table in a restaurant with just a few clicks of the button.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Mobile apps are still very rare among the small business owners and this is the right time to take the initiative and stay ahead of your competitors. Believe me, get a dedicated mobile app designed and make it popular among the customers as they find it as an unique feature for your app and in a very short period, you will see a jump in the number of users for your app.

The choice lies completely with you whether you lay the foundation for the future of your business. You are the sole decision maker as to whether, you are first few of those companies who will adopt the mobile apps.

Appinventiv is a pioneering company on mobile app development which believes in building quality apps, at the right time. They have assumed a leadership position in the mobility space, within a short duration of time, using the latest technologies.

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