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Blow Ltd. Announces a Fundraiser for Expansion of its Beauty App

By Tripti Rai
July 29, 2019 2. min read
Last update on: April 6, 2020

News in Brief:

  • Beauty bookings business Blow Ltd. aims at raising £2 million from the equity crowdfunding round.
  • The funding will facilitate Blow Ltd Beauty app to add more professionals to the app and provide personalized on-demand beauty services.
  • Blow Ltd. is returning to the Seedrs platform for raising funds between £1 million to £2 million.
  • The round will be open to the public today.
  • Unilever Ventures has also invested in the fundraiser round.

Beauty bookings company Blow Ltd. is adamant on expanding its UK- based on-demand beauty service business to other countries, in addition to its present presence which is limited to three major UK cities – London, Manchester, and Birmingham. 

Blow LTD Beauty app enables on-demand beauty service bookings. In addition to giving the ease of getting service at home to its users, the app has proven to be an incredible platform for freelance beauty professionals as well. 

For coming closer to its expansion dream,  the company is planning to raise a hefty amount of £1 million to £2 million via equity crowdfunding backed by the platform Seedrs. This is not the first time for the company to raise fundings with Seedrs. They used the platform in 2016  as well, for their first equity crowdfunding, where they raised £1,345,530 with Unilever Ventures being the primary investor. 

Stephen Willson, investment director at Unilever Ventures remarked: “Powered by rich data and spanning multiple services and product offerings, we believe Blow Ltd is ideally positioned to continue leading the exciting shake-up of the multi-billion-pound beauty services industry into the digital age.”

The round is made open to the public from today, for which the present app users have already been invited to pre-register. 

Blow Ltd is hoping to use the fundings to add more professionals to the ecosystem, in order to cater to more customers in the cities it is presently operating in. A move that will result in a projected rise in demand for skilled on-demand app development companies in the coming time. 

Joanne Thompson, The Chief Executive of Blow Ltd., when talking about the goal of the funding round remarked that the funds would enable the company to consider expanding their business to the international market. In addition to helping the company improve its existing services and add new features to their app. 

Talking about the plans of expansion, she stated  “We recently started to look at multi-service packages, because of the trend of convenience that we see across food and transport these days we also see in beauty.”

This emerges as a new area of growth, where the company will add new treatments and sell them in “bundle” packages of multiple services in one booking.

The expansion of Blow Ltd’s app also brings forth the popularity of an on-demand approach in the beauty domain. Blow Ltd. is just one example of the scope of the on-demand beauty service industry. 

The sector is still ripe for growth, translating into the fact that it is the right time for entrepreneurs to consider entering the domain. If your one of the entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the on-demand domain for some growth know how much it would cost to develop an on-demand beauty service app.

Tripti Rai
Tripti Rai
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