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Bidding Farewell to our Old Office: A Nostalgic Walk Down Memory Lane

By Prateek Saxena
January 11, 2018 2. min read
Last update on: May 29, 2020

Our 3 years long journey from when we started off as an idea to now when we have become a million dollar revenue generating business, has been full of pleasant surprises and roller coaster-like ups and downs.

This is our story so far –

One working afternoon, we took each other on a conference call. After sharing the highlights of the day so far, we said, almost in sync, “it’s time to bring our plan into action”. With the intent in mind, we decided to meet at our hideout place, which in the few days became much more than that.

CCD - Our working place for quite some months

It is true that a lot can happen over coffee. For it was here that we decided to leave our day jobs and settle on our dream.

After making the café our working place for quite some months, we then moved on to a much comfortably equipped office space.

office cum residential space

This is how we made the most of our winters, sipping coffee and cracking deals.

It was between CCD and this quaint office cum residential space that we gathered enough funds to move to a new, non-residential, office space.

After a number of property visits, we stopped keeping count after 20, we came across this beauty. It was centrally located, had the option to re do from the scratch, and was not too high floor wise and not too low. It was just the place for us.

So it was time to enter the next chapter of our Appinventiv Journey.

We booked the property and now it was time to put in man hours into making it workable.

Office: Next chapter of our Appinventiv Journey

After finalizing everything from needle to the elephant, it was time to fill the space with people who would play the major characters in our Appinventiv story.

This is what the first team looked like.


And eventually, the seats kept getting filled and systems kept getting added.


Till we became a team that… The team that loved partying (HARD)…

And then some more…

Appinventiv team

And emptying gallons of coffee…


Pasting millions of wireframes on the wall…

Having unannounced photo sessions…

And going on Family Trips…


And soon the stories of how we work hard and party harder spread like wildfire and candidates started flowing in to become a part of our family.

And then we partied some more…
Went on an Extended Family Trip together.

All the while, Closing Deals and becoming mobility partners to convert some of the best ideas into reality.

Between Partying and Pasting Wireframes, we teamed up with Google as their registered “Developer Agency Member.”

And got recognized as the Top App Development Agency by Clutch.

top ranked app developer

Then we went on to celebrate all festivals.

From Environment Day…

Environment Day appinventiv
To Christmas.

To Christmas party appinventiv
To Diwali

To Diwali party appinventiv

All this went on, till we outgrew the space we were in 🙁

From the original 10 we became 40 then 200 and now 300, all within a matter of 2 years.

new office appinventiv

We now had to move to a new place to accommodate the talent flowing in to join our hardworking, happy go, lucky family.  

From 10 to 300 members to 5 apps to 350 apps, we became –

The only startup that generated revenue in Million figure, in the first year of its inception.

Which has prompted us to deliver –

350+ Apps in less than 2.5 years.

Partnership with some of the biggest brands – Business Insider, The Next Web, Merck, Tech Mahindra, The Economic Times, Dainik Bhaskar, and many more.

Even after achieving so much in so less time, little did we know that we are far from even the mid of our journey.

We have taken another turn that we saw coming from quite far back in the story. But it is upon us now.

Be hooked up to this section, to see what the turn is. But, it will not be narrated by me. I will introduce a fresh face to take you through our next chapter.

Prateek Saxena
Prateek Saxena
Co-founder of Appinventiv
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