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Tips on Conducting Successful Mobile App Testing

By Shivam Srivastav
November 15, 2016 5 min read
Last update on: May 14, 2018

Mobile app testing is time consuming as well as expensive but is one of the critical factors to consider, so that the customer have a positive experience, while using their mobile applications. Starting right from the first time experience of the customer, one must have the best experience with the mobile application, each and every time it is used. The customers do not have the time to use you mobile app and come back with flaws. In fact, the moment a flaw is detected then the chances of the customer to come back to you is minimized. So, the app development company must have a sound mobile application in place.

The mobile application testing process is full of changes. There must be a wise choice on the combination of methods and techniques that need to be employed in mobile application testing. The process is covered with unique challenges. The goal for the mobile app developers is not just detection of errors in the apps, but to understand the quality of the app, whether it is performing the functionalities and meeting the requirements of the customers. 

A single testing method does not prove to be satisfactory. A testing strategy is needed, that has a combination of various testing options, providing the best testing results

Following are some of the practical tips to be followed by the mobile application testing team who are intending to build an app, standing above the competition.


The core functionality of the mobile app remains as the topmost priority of the mobile app developers. Any sort of inadequate or incomplete functionality will result in total abandonment of the app. It must be ensured that the functionalities are tested and implemented in the first place.

The testing methodologies and the app specifications very often covers all aspects of testing. All the controversial app specifics must be answered properly.

User Experience

The app testers must be testing usability of the apps and any related issues. The user experience testing must start early, right from the stages of prototype building and when design mock-up is made ready. It is a sheer wastage of time when one needs to rework on a bad user interface design.  

Emotional Engagement

In the era of mobility, we see thousands of applications, based on the same app business idea, vying for the customer’s attention. You may become successful in downloading the app, but quite often there is no guarantee that the app will be used regularly. The emotional engagement of the app need to be tested, with a group of end users outside the team of mobile app developers.

Using Cloud Services and Real Environment Testing

The real problems of the app is never shown by the OS simulator. It is not possible to get a real perspective related to a local region, a mobile operator or a device. This is only made possible, while using crowd-testing of the services or gathering the data with you own global beta team, so as to test the mobile apps under real-life conditions and on real devices.

A cloud-based device management platform comes in handy, without the need to maintain an inventory, full of mobile devices. The cloud-based device management platforms makes it easy for the users to access the wide variety of devices and platforms.  

Understanding App Architecture Specifics

The app architecture specifics must be understood from the project specifications. The Idea Stage Method, Pert and SWOT Analysis are taken to find out the defects occurring with the apps, so as to get them fixed by the mobile app developers.

Trying the Full Range of Testing

The apps must undergo the entire gamut of specific testing approaches such as functional testing, workload testing and localization testing. This increases the app development time by 20 %, but enables to save 100 % of mobile testing time, so as to fix the minor defects.

It is really difficult to develop a successful mobile based application, but the chances are further boosted with the right kind of testing strategy.

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