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Apple Brings Out iOS 13.1.2 and macOS Catalina Beta 10 for Developers

By Tripti Rai
October 1, 2019 2. min read
Last update on: May 21, 2020

News in Brief:

  • Apple releases the new iOS 13.1.2 update and macOS Catalina Beta 10
  • The new iOS 13.1.2 update comes free of the previous issues related to Camera, iCloud Backup, Flashlight, Shortcut and more.
  • MacOS Catalina Beta 10 comes loaded with new features including a brand new Reminders app, and a Music app in place of iTunes.

Apple releases yet another update ( the fourth iteration) iOS 13.1.2, free from all the bugs that prevailed in the previous updates. Alongside, Apple also released macOS Catalina beta 10 for developers. 

With the frequent updates released by Apple as soon as iOS 13 hit the market, we can see that Apple wants this version to be nothing less than perfect. 

The new update iOS 13.1.2, which comes right after three days of the update iOS 13.1.1 will be looking after the issues related to iCloud backups, Camera, Bluetooth, HomePod, and Flashlight. They also resolved another bug which had resulted in a loss of display calibration data.

What is fixed in iOS 13.1.2?

Before clicking on the option to update, let’s have a look at what is new in this update and whether it is worth giving a try or not.

1. Camera

It was highly crucial for Apple to fix the problem of the Camera not working, for Apple’s new devices have the most advanced cameras and it wouldn’t be a positive impression on users who expect it to be perfect. This issue has been taken care of in the new update.

2. iCloud Backup

Previously, the iCloud Backup was showing a progress bar even when the backup process was completed, the issue is fixed now.

3. Display

A bug which would result in a loss of display calibration data in the new iPhones doesn’t exist in the new iOS 13.1.2 update. So, users need not worry about their new iPhone’s display giving them troubles. 

4. Flashlight

Another iPhone specific bug was the flashlight not launching from the lock screen. Though this issue occurred to only a few users, it has been taken care of now.

5. Bluetooth

Another problem that occurred in the new iPhones with iOS13 update was Bluetooth disconnecting on certain vehicles. Apple looked into this issue, however minor, and is now fixed.

6. Shortcut

This is an issue that affected both iPhones and iPads. This bug would not enable shortcuts to run from the Apple HomePod, which is now done away with.

How to get iOS 13.1.2?

To get your hands on this new update all you have to do is go to the ‘Settings’ tab followed by the ‘General’ option and then the ‘Software Update’ option and Voila! You can enjoy your bugs-free new iPhone.

What is new in macOS Catalina Beta 10?

Now, coming to the macOS Catalina Beta 10 update released to developers, this new update comes loaded with a number of newnesses:

  • a new Music app replacing iTunes, Podcasts and TV apps, 
  • a new Reminders app, 
  • upgrades to the Photos interface, an extended desktop in safari,
  • upgrades to Markdown, macOS Screen Time 
  • and the brand new “Find My” app.

The macs that will be able to update to the new macOS 10.15 are 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Air, 2012 and later, MacBook Pro, 2012 and later, Mac mini, 2012 and following, iMac, 2012 and following, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, 2013 and following.

If you are already using the developer beta of macOS Catalina then you should upgrade it to beta 10 via System preferences. While, a Public beta update is expected to be released soon, Apple has postponed the official release date of macOS Catalina to October without disclosing the dates.

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