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Apple Pencil – The Ipad Pro’s Secret Weapon

September 23, 2015   byLucas Bresciani0 COMMENTS   605 views

Apple made major announcements this month on its ‘Hey Siri’ event and it also announced Apple Pencil that would be in markets by the month of November along with iPad Pro. We bring you an exclusive description of this wonderful device from the house of Apple.

To be more specific, Apple pencil is a digital stylus that is made to work with the new iPad Pro When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone, he said that nobody wants a stylus, and the best pointing device is our finger. And yet, stylus is a much more precise input device that makes a lot of sense when it comes to graphic design, photo editing and many other content creation use cases. Market is full of styluses but the lightening fast speed of Apple Pencil makes it distinct from the rest. iPad Pro is designed in such a way that it can easily recognize the Apple pencil and scans its signal at a rapid speed.

Apple Pencil is mainly designed for creative Professionals but it does good to office going people too. Whether you’re sketching in the park, painting a watercolor portrait, or drafting a blueprint, Apple Pencil gives you a variety of tools in a single instrument. You hold it, but it doesn't hold you back. Creative Professionals are going to love the same for the most obvious reasons mentioned below.

Draw line with ease:

Apple Pencil has very complex pressure sensors that determine the pressure exerted on the screen of iPad Pro. In other words, how hard the tip of pencil is being pressed down. You have to just press harder if you want to draw thick lines and do the vice versa for just hairlines.

Tilt your hand to add shading:

The device comes with two tilt sensors within its tip. These sensors calculate the exact angle of your hand while writing on the iPad Pro. You can create the shading effects by simply tilting Apple Pencil. So in case you are in love with shades and have a number of shading pencils with you, then you would certainly fall in love with Apple Pencil.

Work has never been so much fun:

Now you can sketch, annotate and add creativity in notes and in addition to this, Apple pencil helps you to get rid of same old email writing styles. Rather now you can send something imaginative in your email or you can even write a PDF document in your own handwriting. You can sketch and draw outlines and color to make a new design and include it in your next presentation.

Apple has worked a lot on the battery backup part. Apple pencil has a lightening connector on its other end that lets you to charge the Pencil and a fully charged Apple Pencil lets you to scribble, sketch and edit for 12 hours. Moreover, in case you are in a hurry, just charge it for 15 seconds and get oxygen for the next 30 minutes.

Apple Pencil has so much to offer and paired with iPad Pro, it would bring a new revolution for sure.

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