Apple Maps What’s new in iOS 13

Apple Maps: What’s new in iOS 13

By Bhupinder Kour
July 17, 2019 5 min read
Last update on: July 17, 2019

The gist:

  • Apple Maps cover 3.1% of navigation users in the U.S. and is expected to increase with the new update.
  • Apple expands the new Maps to other U.S. states and will cover other countries as well by 2020.
  • Apple Maps have new features like Favourites, CarPlay, Collection, and Maps improved Feedback Form to facilitate better user experience.

Since the first launch of Apple Maps in 2012, Apple has come a long way on the path of improvisations and innovations. Apple has always taken criticism as it comes and positively changes and develops its products according to the feedback received. 

Recently, with the launch of iOS 13, there had been many updates in all the built-in apps of Apple and Maps is no exception in this regard. 

Apple Maps has been endowed with incredible new features and the list is certainly not short. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at what you will be getting with the iOS 13 update.


The changes which took place with the iOS 12 are continued in this update. The Maps app uses the Maps engine developed by Apple. It facilitates a detailed and lucid view of foliage, buildings, pools, pedestrian pathways, etc. 

Effective Road hazards and Traffic Conditions detection

Previously, you could preview the road traffic conditions and hazards only by enabling turn-by-turn directions. However, with the iOS 13 update, you can now see the route ahead at a glance beforehand in the Maps interface. This enables you to decide which route is the most suitable for the travel and whether you should look for an alternative way when there is traffic ahead.

There is also a new Junction View in this feature that allows the driver to line up the turns on the road before they appear, to avoid wrong turns and directional misses. 

Also, Siri navigation has been improved – it now gives more natural and real directions unlike before. For example, before it would have said, “ Turn right in 1000 feet” but now, you may hear it say “turn right at the next traffic light” which is more life-like and practical for the drivers.

Accurate Real-Time Transit Schedules

Apple Maps now incorporate real-time transit schedules, network stops, arrival time, and system connections for transit directions only to deliver better route planning. It also provides real-time information like outages, cancellations, and other changes that may occur.

Improved Venue Navigation

Reaching your end-point destination has become easier with the improved Maps app. Whether you are navigating to a large venue or a particular building, you will receive the most accurate and precise navigations unlike before.

ETA Sharing

ETA Sharing is more accurate with the new updated features. You can now share your estimated arrival time with others. Also, the time will automatically change with the changed conditions like increased Traffic, etc.

Flight Status

You can get your hands on the latest information about Flight Arrivals, terminals, gate locations, departure timings and so on, from within the application.

Better Look Around view

It is in short an equivalent to the Google Street view. It offers a better look around on the street-view level. You can see more precise and clear images. Users will be able to enable this feature through the binoculars icon, you can tap on it to enable this feature. 

Add Favourites and Collection feature

Remember when you had to enter one location whenever you started a new session in the Maps app, even when you had entered the same address multiple times before? Now, you do not have to worry about it anymore, as this new Favourites feature lets you add your favorite destinations for future use.

You can now also aggregate lists of numerous locations like restaurants you might want to visit or other places, etc.

Improved Maps Feedback Form

Along with the development and additions of other Maps features, Maps feedback form has also undergone changes for the better. Now, you can make corrections like addresses, business locations, and others easily.

New CarPlay feature

Other than the above-mentioned, features like Favourites, Collections, and Junction View have been added to CarPlay. It also provides updated route planning, direction navigation, and search.

With such remarkable changes and improvements, Apple has given us the hope that it is on the path to surpass the features set that make Google Maps the number one choice for users’ navigation needs.

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