Apple iOS 12 Public Beta 3 is Here

Apple Releases iOS 12 Public Beta 3: Find What’s new

By Tripti Rai
July 20, 2018 5 min read
Last update on: September 14, 2018

While Apple’s iOS 12 will be launched officially for the public use in the fall of 2018, like every other Apple device and software releases, the brand is continuously rolling out Beta updates to give users a look into how the new OS would operate on their devices.

Continuing with the updates rollouts, Apple has yet again launched a new Beta version of their OS that is most likely going to make an appearance on a number of iPhones around the world in September.

The third public beta of iOS 12 has brought in a number of additions in terms of functionalities  –

The prevalent scrolling issues have been smoothened and the list of the animated activity stickers has also been expanded. Along with that, the wallpaper changing issues have been fixed.

Also, Screen Time – Apple’s tool to measure how often people get active on their iPhones – now comes with individual app pages, where the app cellular usage data is ranked according to usage in place of alphabetic listing. Lastly, there are a number of aesthetic changes in activity app, iPad, and in Control Center, too.

Let us now see how iOS 12 Public Beta 3 is different from iOS 12 Beta 2 Release

How is iOS 12 Public Beta 3 any Different from iOS 12 Public Beta 2 launched on July 5th?

  • Netflix and Fortnite Fix Apps are now working
  • You can register on FaceTime using your phone number
  • You will be able to sync Voice Memos to iTunes
  • Improved portrait orientation mode
  • Better personalized recommendation on Photos app
  • Ability to add another face to unlock the phone

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Issues to Expect when you Switch to iOS 12 Public Beta 3 –

  • You might receive error messages when installing your apps
  • Wrong signal strength might show on iPhone X Lock Screen
  • Siri Shortcuts might not work when the device is locked on HomePod and CarPlay

With the new iOS 12 Public Beta 3, the world of iPhone users and iOS App Developers have now come to step closer to a technological innovation that iOS 12 is.

The list of Apple iOS 12 Features is pretty extensive, but the ones that are the most awaited ones are –

  • New Memoji collection
  • Group FaceTime
  • Shortcuts in Siri
  • 40% faster app launch

Excited about iOS 12? You can install the third public beta of iOS 12 following these steps

How to Install iOS Public Beta 3 on your iPhone

After you have enrolled your iPhone into the iOS 12 Public Beta, Launch Settings, click on General, press Software Update. Next, click on Download and Install, and enter your Passcode.

With the official release just round the corner, it is time to get in touch with your iOS App Development Company to scale your app on the much awaited Operating System of the year.

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