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Apple added Live News Broadcast feature on TV app

By Bhupinder Kour
February 10, 2018 5 min read
Last update on: February 10, 2018

Apple has finally introduced the live news feature on its TV app. Announced back in September during the release of Apple TV 4K, the feature will let the iOS and Apple TV users enjoy live news broadcasts from different news channels, like CNN, CNBC, Fox News, CBS News, and Bloomberg.

You can find the live news feeds in the ‘Watch Now’ section, just below the featured channels for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. Thumbnails for every channel are shown with the screenshots of top-grossing newscasters. The news outlet’s logo is present with a red ‘Live’ icon to show that the channel will show you live stream. On selecting a channel, you will be taken directly to the live broadcast. However, you need to have the appropriate application in the App Store for that. In other words, you are supposed to have the associated third-party iOS app installed on your device; the Apple’s TV app will utilize a single sign-on to handle the subscriptions and cable-linked access.

The updated Apple TV application also works with Siri. You can command Siri – the Apple’s digital assistant, to show you broadcast from any of the aforementioned news channels. Besides, it also allows you to watch shows and movies you purchased via iTunes.

This feature is automatically available on your app, if you’re using the latest versions of iOS and tvOS. However, the update is currently available for US users only; rest have to wait until their devices also support this feature. Moreover, there’s no separate tab for news feeds like that in the case of Sports feeds. However, it is expected that Apple will add one in the future.

Bhupinder Kour
Bhupinder Kour
Content Writer
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