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Android P Final Beta (Developer Preview 5) is Now Live

By Tripti Rai
July 26, 2018 2. min read
Last update on: April 6, 2020

Android P Beta 4 – the last preview milestone before the new OS version Android P hits the market full-fledgedly, is now live.

The build that has been launched today is anticipated to be 90% similar to what the shipping version would be. The release is known to contain all the final APIs and the system behaviors that the developers would be working on while testing their apps.

The Android P developer preview 5 is known to have solved all the glitches that were stayed after the Android P Beta 3 release, such as freezing of system navigation, regressed battery life, call drop, and the absence of factory reset option etc.

Apart from these, there are a number of new notable differences that Android app developers will witness. The final Beta preview of Android P has come with a series of visual upgrades and gesture-based functions that put the list of Android P features majorly in line with the iPhone X’s.

[Extra: Here is a list of the new Android P features that are expected to be present in the new Android OS version]

In addition to all of these, Android P is also expected to make an appearance with the new Material Design changes.

The new OS version is presumed to be released with a set of notable material design changes being made in the critical Google apps like Gmail, Map, and Photos.

Wish to explore the various structural changes that Android P Beta 4 has brought with it? Know how to install the latest beta version on your phone.

How to Install Android P Beta 4 on your Smartphone

The beta has been made available for download on a number of devices besides Pixel for the users to try the build. The list of all the smartphone brands that Google has partnered with includes – Nokia, OnePlus, Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Essential, and Sony.  

So if you have enrolled in the Beta program and have the access to the latest versions of any one of the devices mentioned above, update your phone and explore Android P Beta 3.

As for the businesses, the time has come for you to contact your android app development company and start the preparation of expanding your app to Android P.

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