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4 Strategies For Developing a User-Centric Mobile Banking App

July 29, 2015   bySonali Srivastava0 COMMENTS   333 views

Undoubtedly, with the recent technological advancements, crafting a ground breaking strategy around mobile banking is one of the key challenges for any financial institution. And, many bankers have tackled with a difficult time in making the paradigm shift, which is required to develop a user-centric and secured mobile banking application. To truly understand the world of smartphone and tablet friendly apps, you need to figure out the key factors that are the foundations for mobile app industry and act as a viable delivery tool for banks.

However, by seeing the overly flooded apps, you may only invite doubt, ambiguity and a constant struggle with the ROI of your mobile banking app. But, to get a successful app, you need to consider the interactions, engagement and loyalty that your mobile app can provide to your business. The list below is not crafted to cover the technology aspects of mobile banking apps, like operating systems, security, transaction or payment capabilities. Instead, we have focused on helping you with key business factors to help plan for a mobile banking application that not only helps you generate revenue, but value as well. As technology components are much easier to overcome.

1. Your App Should Make Mobile Banking Simple

Overly communicating apps tend to frightened off its users. Today everyone wants to see or experience what’s relevant to them. Banking as a whole is a quite complex industry. And, which increases the chances of highly intricate mobile banking apps that can quickly become too complicated, resulting in lost of its key users. Apps should encompass user-friendly features, enticing designs and rigorously tested functions- exactly what its target audience is looking for. And, for that you can start with the features that provide real value to its potential users in the super intuitive way. You app should be so easy to use that your clients should know how to achieve their goals in milliseconds.

2. Understand the Difference in Mobile App & Mobile Website

This has been not banking but every vertical’s biggest mistake. To save time and money, we use to replicate the content and feature of our web presence on mobile. But, always remember, mobile applications should not just replicate your website. If you want your app should just be your website, in app form, then, just build a mobile-optimized site.

3. Rigorously Test and Learn

The best quote for app testing suits the boxing bad boy Mike Tyson saying, “Everybody has a plan, until you get punched in the face”. Every punch comes as a setback or a challenge, but real opportunity lies in how many punches you take.

One of the best ways to get your app fully tested is UAT (user acceptance testing). Just think about the other apps that you use frequently on your smartphone or tablets. Very few of them asks you to pay or make a commitment before you understand their actual value. Ask your fellow team members and friends that are in banking domain to test your app and come up with the legitimate feedbacks.

4. Wisely Choose Your Mobile App Development Partner

Choosing a right mobile app development partner is one of the key challenges that every banker faces. Today, most of the banking applications are boring, apathetic and lacking creative thinking of new perspectives. By engaging right open application designers, developers, testers or a mobile app development company that provides everything right from the ideation to launch and support can help you leverage the success of your mobile banking app.

Nowadays, digitally savvy people who have Apple Pay and Google Wallet to see have no patience for leisurely performance. They know that through Apple Pay and Google Wallet they can make purchases with breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features that are built right into their devices that they have with them every day. It lets them use their iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad and Android phones to pay in a simple, secure, and private way.

And, that’s why they only welcome with a strong appreciation for mobile sites and apps that get their job done easily, quickly and securely. Hence, before creating a mobile app you need to ensure that you consider all the key factors.

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