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Make Your Business Secure with Our
Efficient Blockchain App Development Services

Whether you are someone just starting a venture or a large-scale enterprise looking to automate business, our
reliable and secure custom blockchain development services have got you covered.
Custom Blockchain

A custom blockchain application development and software development service company like Appinventiv can help you hit the market with proficient blockchain solutions developed either from scratch or revamped from existing systems. Our blockchain software developers are highly skilled in building solutions that are robust and secure.

dApps Development

We are a dApp development company that offers scalable, secure, and profitable decentralized applications across verticals and industries. With extensive experience in creating complex applications of all scales, we build custom dApps that help businesses gain a competitive edge in the blockchain landscape.

Blockchain Wallet
App Development

Our blockchain and crypto wallet development services help your business expand its DeFi portfolio to a wider customer base by providing greater security and faster transactions. Our blockchain app developers proficiently build and deploy your crypto wallet with every feature that your business needs including QR scanner, biometrics, cross-platform compatibility, and more.

Polygon Development

We help startups and enterprises unleash the full potential of the web3 ecosystem by building their blockchain applications and software on Polygon. Our capabilities on Polygon can develop high-performance softwares including dApp, blockchain wallet, smart contract, and NFT marketplace that ensure greater interoperability, higher scalability, a robust architecture, and enhanced user experience.

Smart Contracts

We help businesses automate operations and streamline workflows by enabling the power of smart contracts like no other. With deep experience in a multitude of smart contract technologies and programming languages, our smart contract developers craft immutable, secure, and accurate contracts which make the business ecosystem conflict-free.

Asset Tokenization
Platform Development

As a pioneering blockchain consulting service company, we offer you feature-rich tokenization solutions for blockchain asset digitization. With our enterprise-grade asset tokenization platform development services, we help businesses unlock new avenues of financial assets and make them tradeable across multiple digital platforms.

Crypto Exchange

We are a cryptocurrency exchange software development service company that enables your business to build a decentralized financial paradigm with complete security and transparency. Our team of crypto experts with their deep experience, carries all the tools and expertise necessary to build a scalable and reliable exchange platform, where users can buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies effortlessly.


As a leading blockchain development firm, we also offer end-to-end IEO and ICO development services. Our expert team of blockchain and crypto developers helps you create a full-fledged initial exchange offering platform that is capable of getting your cryptocurrency business massive funding.

Blockchain Experts
Apps Built
Happy Clients
Repeat Business

Custom Blockchain Solutions We Deliver

  • NFT Development
  • Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Token Wallets
  • Payment Platforms
  • Financial Trading Platforms
  • Marketplace Development
  • DAO Development
  • DeFi Development
  • Game Apps

Why Choose Appinventiv as Your
Blockchain App Development Company?

As a blockchain application development company with the experience of handling hundreds of
blockchain projects of varied complexity levels, we offer the expertise to convert your ideas into practical,
secure and scalable solutions. Here’s why we are the perfect fit as your blockchain development company:

Count on the team of 500+ certified blockchain experts who have the experience of working on over 5,000 blockchain projects, fulfilling the needs of a varied set of industries and businesses.

Our focus lies not just in building products but also analyzing all risks while providing solutions. Our USP lies in adding value to your project by presenting innovative ideas.

We build blockchain products that meet all regulatory requirements. Be it ST-20, AML, KYC, GDPR, PCI DSS, or PSD2, we ensure that your app is absolutely compliance-ready.

A software product requires regular maintenance and upgrade post deployment. Leverage our 24*7 support blockchain services to prevent glitches at all times and scale your app as per user requirements.

Our Client Success Stories

Our clients’ success stories are more than just milestones, they are tales of innovation and unparalleled growth. Discover how
our tailored blockchain solutions propelled their growth and unlocked
their true potential.

Know how we transformed the Education sector
with a decentralized learning management system.

See how we combined the power of crypto with the
Hotel industry by launching a decentralized booking app.

Industries We have Transformed
with Our Blockchain Development Solutions

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail and Ecommerce
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Game
  • Education
  • Voting and Government
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Telecom
  • Energy


Our custom blockchain solutions in the healthcare industry are known to eradicate a number of real-world issues including drug traceability across the supply chain, secure transfer of sensitive medical data between stakeholders, and more.



With our high-end blockchain application development services in the Finance industry, we integrate the decentralization element in your FinTech apps to maintain immutable records, ensure fast and secure payments, minimize delays, and eliminate vulnerability to fraud.


Retail and Ecommerce

We are one of the top ecommerce blockchain app development service companies helping small retailers and ecommerce giants restore ownership of data, ensure product authentication, decentralize international trade, and enable cross-border payments.


Logistics and Supply Chain

The logistics and supply chain applications that our blockchain developers create, cover the entire lifecycle of a block of data from production place, to the warehouse, logistics, retail, and end consumers. Know how blockchain is disrupting supply chain management.



With extensive experience in the gaming industry as well as blockchain technology, we are a leading blockchain game development company, building and delivering highly interactive and immersive web3 and metaverse games.



From improving recordkeeping facilities to tracking student credentials, verifying identities, and increasing efficiency of existing processes, we aid educational institutions with the most disruptive blockchain software development services.


Voting and Government

Our team of blockchain app developers architect DLT solutions that provide governments with benefits like easy vote verification, election transparency, crypto minting, tokenization of currency, and real-time monitoring of public bidding.



Being the most trusted blockchain development company, we offer entertainment solutions that improve peer-to-peer transactions, create new pricing options for paid content, streamline royalty payments, and enable micropayments, ultimately ensuring maximum user engagement.



Right from identity verification to tracking luggage, making payments, and introducing customer loyalty schemes, our blockchain development solutions decentralize the travel and tourism businesses efficiently.


Real Estate

We are one of the top blockchain development companies in the US that have created real estate marketplaces where buyers and sellers can connect directly, make payments, invest in fractional ownership, and manage their assets through tokenization. Check out our complete real estate service offerings.



We help telecom providers streamline customer identity management, minimize roaming data affairs, and build better collaborations through our tailor-made telecom blockchain solutions.



Top enterprises hire our blockchain developers to optimize energy consumption in public buildings and industrial facilities with our custom IoT and blockchain solutions for energy distribution.

As per Gartner,
Blockchain is expected to create
a business value of
$176B by 2025
Be early to tap this growth opportunity
with Appinventiv’s blockchain solutions

Blockchain Development Process
We Follow

With almost a decade in the industry, having delivered multiple custom blockchain solutions, our
team understands just the right development process that aligns well with your project requirements.
01.Requirement Gathering and Elicitation

As a leading blockchain software development company, we start with a dedicated brainstorming session where our experts after gathering all project requirements, analyze risks and provide solutions to mitigate them. Our experts also present innovative ideas to enhance your current idea.

02.Blockchain-integrated Solution Designing
Smart Contracts

The decentralized interactions are identified and coded into smart contracts, be it storing assets/funds or retrieval. Smart contracts architecture is defined by choice of design pattern to follow and modularity needed.

Middleware Architecture

For building a blockchain-based platform with multiple integrated features, we design a secure, robust, and scalable middleware to wrap smart contracts and create a restful API model for frontend and admin to interact with.

System Architecture for Component Interaction

We ensure to model the interaction of various layers, that is, smart contracts, middleware, frontend, and admin (if needed). The inter and intra component interactions are designed to formulate the system design.

Technical Documentation

This step includes building of documents with the program blocks communication keeping in mind the technical aspect of the system design. The stage also includes creation of logic for payments and rewards.

03.Smart Contract Development

Based on the architecture designed, smart contracts are coded.

04.UI and Admin Interface Development
For User Interface (Frontend):
  • Creation of transaction
  • Connection of web wallets
  • Transaction of message to the chains
  • Getting data from the chain and contract information
For Admin Interface:

Depending on the use case and requirements, there might be attributes that need to be added to admin interface, for instance:

  • Analytics of transactions and volume
  • Managing platform/protocol fee
  • User management
05.Component Integration

Component integration is an iterative cycle between smart contract development and UI and admin interface development. At this stage, components are integrated to create a complete workflow and unit/module testing.

06.UAT and QA on Testnets and Custom Environments

Our blockchain developers carefully test every blockchain product to ensure highest client satisfaction and an excellent user experience.

07.Production Level Deployment

We follow all standard protocols while deploying blockchain products on various platforms where they are easily accessible to the potential audience.

Blockchain Development
Platforms We Work On

No matter how old like Ethereum, or new like Polkadot, our team of blockchain
developers are experts at building solutions on the best available platforms as per your
business needs.

Blockchain Tech Stack We Trust
to Decentralize Your Business

Our team is adept at choosing the best combination of technologies, platforms, and
frameworks to offer you the best blockchain development services that are reliable,
secure, and future-proof.
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