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Building Powerful Mobile Apps Using Artificial Intelligence

No other technology is rising like that of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in the recent times. It is opening up an entire world of mobile applications. As per a research from Gartner, the investment in Artificial Intelligence will be more than 300 % as compared with its previous years. AI offers powerful insights as never before.

AI can prove to be a quite powerful tool for adding to your mobile app. As massive user adoption is what drives your mobile app development business. The app developer must provide with something essentially useful, in fact  a smart solution, only made possible through machine learning algorithm. Another factor is to have a viral share, which can ensure sure success for your mobile app.

Artificial Intelligence technology is used in many apps that are displayed on the Google App store like Google Allo, Siri, Facebook and Flipkart. The accuracy of Facebook  recognition is same as that of human.

AI is fast acquiring the place of an indispensable tool, not only for mobile app development but also for other areas. It has impact on countless businesses and consumers. The technology is used by a variety of application areas like chatbots, predictive analysis and even driverless cars.  It is one of the primary determinants of what direction will be taken by mobile development.

Here are some of the tips that you need to follow while developing a mobile app based on Artificial Intelligence:

Fully Utilizing the Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning is a capability of the machine learning tools which enables you to understand what exactly is the preference of users as their needs often change dynamically. So, the app will be intelligent enough to bring about changes to itself, by analyzing the user’s search trends. More intelligent the app is, better it is for the users.

Prioritization of Collection, Sorting and Storage of Data

AI is mostly based on machine learning algorithms, drawing all their nourishment from the data that is fed. So, data is that important factor and the app developers must focus all their efforts towards analysis of the data. This not only enables to bring improvement to your app. User engagement can be boosted with app that has predictive analytics tools.

Acquire Knowledge on the Latest Trend on AI

AI is in a nascent stage of development. However, it has many tools that are quite useful for it of the likes of Seldon, Protege, Soar and OpenCog. You must acquire enough knowledge on the technology before embarking on the path of developing mobile apps using AI.  

Search Analysis of Machine Learning Tools

AI comes with tools like Sentiment Analysis that has the ability to perform searches based on user opinion and not numeric data. The app can function optimally with this smarter approach.

AI in mobile app development simply paves the way to successfully build even more powerful apps. The above tips are all about the most recent and progressing patterns, on AI, thereby developing some of the awesome and portable applications.

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