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Our Journey of Becoming the Leading Mobile App Developers of Dubai
Having ideated and built over 100 mobile and web apps for brands and startups settled in Dubai, we have become the mobile app developers of Dubai.

Based in the heart of the innovative city, our team of designers and developers don’t just identify the veins of the city’s mobile using generation but also know the secret of making them loyal and addicted.

This understanding of the users at its core and of the way they interact with the app is what defines our process of mobile application development in Dubai.

Our experience in joining the city as they expand to endeavors ranging from one industry to another is what makes us the app development company in Dubai that thousands of its occupants trust.

Our Suite Of Mobile App Development Services are Customized with the Dubai Touch
Our extensive experience in offering custom made services not just makes us a hit in Dubai but also makes us a trending name in the industry of mobile app development, Abu DhabiTake a peek into the services that help us transform mobile app development in Dubai
Mobile App Idea Validation

We take our responsibility of being the leading mobile app development company in Dubai very seriously. We help our clients with getting an exact idea of how viable their idea is and if it would become THE app in Dubai. The in-depth market knowledge that we have gathered from our experience with the different facets of mobile app development in Dubai has enabled us to help the Emirate take the right moves.

Mobile App Idea Validation
Android App Development

We know how far Android app development in Dubai has gone in terms of innovation and reach. We are the Android app development company in Dubai that brings brands on the device that is everywhere. We understand the role that Android plays in taking a brand to the world and in front and our Android app development services - straight from ideation to post-launch - prepares your business to reach the whole of Dubai and then to the whole of the world.

Android App Development
iOS App Development

Our team of iPhone app developers is ready to help you sail through the quality standards that Apple demands from iPhone development in Dubai.

We are the iPhone app development company in Dubai that powers brands with facilities that make them an Apple favorite. Our suite of iPhone app development services holds the ability to transform your brand name and make it a household name, just like what we did with the fifties of brands who trusted us with their iOS app development journey in Dubai.

iOS App Development
Cross-Platform App Development

Our teams of React Native and Flutter app developers work with the aim to give you the best of both worlds - Android industry’s masses and iOS industry’s revenue earning capability while making us the leader of cross-platform app development in Dubai.

Cross Platform App
Web App Development

We are not just the renowned web design company in Dubai but also the one that knows the trick of trades to take your website visitors and make them regular web app users.

We never stop at desktops. We take our role of being a web design company in Dubai and become more. We become the brand that helps businesses expand from desktops and arrive at mobile devices with what we offer as our web app development services in Dubai

Web App Development
Blockchain App Development

We pride ourselves for being one of the first Mobile App Development Companies in UAE to venture into Blockchain domain. Our team of Blockchain app developers excels in a whole range of different Blockchain specific services like Smart Contract development, ICO development, Cryptocurrency App Development, amongst others.

Blockchain App Development
Mobile App Testing

When it comes to transforming mobile application development in Dubai, we don’t restrict ourselves to Automated testing. We apply a hybrid approach made of both Automated and Manual testing to make sure you set new standards in the wide industry of Mobile Application Development in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Mobile App Testing
Mobile App Deployment

What makes us a trusted mobile app development company in Dubai is the fact that we know the rules that are to be followed to make your app come one step closer to changing the outlook of mobile app development in UAE, starting with no delay approval in Play Store and App Store.

Mobile App Deployment
Post Launch Maintenance

What makes us one of the most trusted software development companies in Dubai is our suite of post-launch maintenance services. We offer a number of app update and testing services free of cost till 60 days of app launch.

Post Launch Maintenance
We’re Here To Help Your Business Thrive
Whether You Are a Bay Area Entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 Company, Your Idea has the Support of the Leading App Developers of Dubai
Soniphi- Appinventiv Powered Mobile Apps That
San Francisco Fell In Love With.
Soniphi- San Francisco Loved Appinventiv Powered Mobile Apps

The app uses proprietry technology for analyzing the health patterns that are unique your frequencies and reflect your physical and mental illness

Features :
  • Tracks wellness using voice specific features
  • Gives score of overall vitality level
  • Gives personalized recommendation to improve user’s health
What We Did :
  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Backend Development
  • Support & Maintainance
Turnaround Time :
The Industries we Serve in our Role as the Leading Mobile App Development Company in the UAE
The more the industries we work with, in the Emirate, the more we get closer to becoming the household name as the Mobile app development company in Dubai that not just the city but the whole world trusts.
Our team of developers has the expertise to mobilize a range of different industries
Our Engagement Models Vary According To Varying Client Requirement
Fixed Cost Fixed Time Model
Fixed Cost Fixed Time Model

Under our Fixed Cost Fixed Time Model, we estimate the project after understanding its exact requirements and the time it would take for development.

After we have laid out the exact set of time and deliverables, we share a fixed cost with our clients.

Time & Material Modely
Time & Material Model

Under this model, our one resource or a team of developers & designers are shifted to the client’s side for the complete duration of the project. This model is usually chosen by businesses who otherwise have a skilled team but need an expert in-house for some specific part of the app development project

On-Site Model
On-Site Model

Under our role as one of the top mobile app development companies in UAE, on-site model is the one that we get the maximum demand for. We employ the Time & Material Model when the app belongs to the medium to high-level complexity.

Hire Dedicated Team Model
Hire Dedicated Team Model

In this model, businesses are given a team of developers who work especially for them and the businesses are charged for the developers’ time.

Like On-Site model, this is also best suited for the businesses who already have a team but need an expert’s skill set for some part of the project.

Offshore Development Center Model
Offshore Development Center Model

We are one of the very few mobile app development companies in Dubai to offer the engagement model. The model is best suited for businesses that are looking for greater security levels for their app development process. What happens in this model is that we allot a separate workspace altogether with different timing and entry protocols. Also, the resources used there in terms of project management are not of Appinventiv’s but of the one that the client uses in their head office.

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